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Best ski for improving Advanced

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I'm looking to buy an all-mountain ski. I'm 6'1, 79kg.

I am comfortable skiing double blacks, except when the moguls get too big and icy. Don't have much experience on powder and crud, but would like to improve on those areas.

Enjoy skiing the fall line and going fast.

What ski would you recommend that can "do it all" and can last me a long time in terms of growing with me. I don't want to sacrifice too much groomed/hardpack performance, but would like something to help me developed in the ungroomed.

I'm looking at the Volkl G3, Rossi Bandit XX, K2 Axis X, Atomic R9.22.

Also, I have seen a good deal on a K2 Enemy? Really cheap, 183cm.

Any good ideas and opinions? Also, what length should I go?

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For us in the US 79kg. is 175lbs.

You have slected great skis, I'm a Volkl man and love my G3's (177cm) I can't say enough about them. I'm 5' 11" 195lbs, have skied 73 days this season. I ski the whole mountain except the parks and pipe, IMO a waste of snow, buts thats another topic.

You may want to demo, I know it's late in the season, but the G3 in 173cm or next years K2 Axis XT in the 170cm area are two skis you should try. Next year Elan has the M10 you should try that in 168cm, I loved it in 176cm. It felt a lot like my G3. The G3 becomes the AX3 next year but is the same ski. The 9.22 is another great ski, I have a buddy who is 6'1" 200lbs and loves it in 170cm, he also skis well.

There are a lot of great skis out there, I'm sure you'll get lots of feed back from others. You really need to demo.

I'm sure others will be asking you for more info, such as where do you do most of your skiing and how often? Just becareful to buy a ski you've demoed and are happy with, don't buy a ski because it's cheap. If your not happy with it, what will it cost you to replace it?
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Thanks Smithby,

I'm based in the UK, so I do most of my skiing in France. Therefore not so many powder days, and hence my lack of experience in that department. However, I will be trying to ski more both in France and West/East USA.

Need a ski that can do it all......

Also, would 170cm be a bit short in powder or crud conditions. I hear, a longer ski will smooth out the ride.

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the 183 enemy is a great all around ski (it's actually the old k2 explorer w/ an upturned tail). it's fairly wide and will help you out in the crud/powder.

i'm also in the uk, btw, where'd you find enemas so cheap? ulty_guy@hotmail.com would love to know.
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I'll take a pair of Enemys too!

I'm currently on Axis X Pros in 181. I'm similar height and weight to you. On piste, they are a bit on the long side for me, but they do handle crud excellently, and are good in pow.
If you're sourcing the K2s locally, you should be able to get a reasonable deal on any of them since they aren't being imported here next year. Most shops will be selling out, and probably replacing them with Volkls.


P.S. Watch this space, cause I'm still thinking about having a UK gathering at Milton Keynes in the summer - get a few turns in, then back to mine for a BBQ.
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Hey Fox. PM me when you post about an MK gathering as I don't check in all that often during the summer.
I'd hate to miss out.
(Anyway aren't we having our summer right now?)
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neato, pm me as well.
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