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Warm Colorado weather wax

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Heading to Breck this week. My skis have a couple fresh coats of Toko red wax. Temps are supposed to be in the 40 degree range. Is it worth running to my closest ski shop, which is an hour away to buy some yellow warm temp wax. Or just ski the red. I'm just doing recreational skiing, but like a good running ski also.
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you'll be fine.


It's better to have too cold of a wax than too warm of a wax.

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I haven't noticed any stickiness/suction action. It is still early enough in the year where the amount of melt even on warm days is pretty minimal (1-2" instead of 6"), and the meltwater is easily absorbed by the rest of the snowpack keeping the snow feeling very dry. 


If it is time to reapply, I would go with whatever you have that is warmer, but I wouldn't go out and buy some in any case.


You are hearing a lot of talk about warm temps because it is odd and prolonged, but despite May temps it is not skiing like May (sun angle and day length matter). 

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I skied Loveland this morning with Swix LF7 on my skis.  Not a cloud in the sky and few people.  The skis ran well. 

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