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You want to workout every body part, just in case.
Monday: Bench press
Seated lat rows
tricep press
lat pull down
shoulder press
calf raises
shoulder shrugs
overhand shoulder pull down
frontal shoulder raises
reverse fly
leg extension
leg curl
sets of 8 for upper body, 12 for lower
everything times 3
then jump rope for thirty minutes
Tuesday: sit ups, oblique sit ups, leg lifts, back raises, whatever you want, just work your abdominals and back.
Then do one legged squats, body weight. Do three sets of as many as you can. I heard the Austrians are required to do fifteen on each leg.
Then jump rope thirty minutes.

Wednesday: See monday

Thursday: Teusday abs etc.
Do squat leaps. Start out with thighs parralel to floor, then leap as high as you can. Try a pyramid for this one. Leap once, rest one second, twice, the rest two seconds etc. Do as many as you can.
Jump rope thirty minutes.

Friday: See monday

Saturday: Teusdays abs etc, one legged sguats, and Thursdays leaps, then jump rope thirty minutes.

Sunday: Ski all day, then go to sleep at five in the afternoon because your body is about to shut down.

By the way, if you work out this much, eat as much food as you want. If you get fat, eat less food.