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Teton Creek Resort, anyone?

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Has anyone stayed there and ski GT? Reviews are mixed on the web and mostly complain about supplies (towels, garbage bags and stuff like that).


The pictures look very nice, specially the townhomes. Also they talk about access to pool and hottub at "Targhee Resort" I'm not quite sure where it's located, but it doesn't look like anything of easy access from the condos / townhome.


Price is very attractive with lift ticket included for 2, can't complain!

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As it so happens mfa the wife and I just checked into one of the condos an hour ago.  The condo is nice, no complaints and well maintained.  For the price with lifts I think it's worth it.


The townhomes are across the street and I can't speak to those.  There's an outdoor hot tub here at the condos and it's a 100ft walk to grab the bus if you don't feel like driving or you want to have some adult beverages up at the resort and not worry about driving.  Teton creek condos are the last stop on the way up to the hill and the first stop on the way down.  The bus is free if you're staying in resort managed lodging but it doesn't stop at the townhomes.


You can also store your skis indoors at the ski area for free if want to.  I'll be taking advantage of this wether I drive or ride the bus.  It's about a fifteen minute drive/bus ride up to the area with parking easy walking distance to the lifts.


Hope that helps and I'll post more info if anything of note pops up.

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If you don't mind the drive from Driggs, The Pines Motel is a family-owned place with a lot of character and very reasonable prices.  Outdoor hot tub.  Walking distance to several restaurants in town.

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