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Elan Spectrum Skis ... why so few reviews?

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Why are there so few reviews of the Spectrum series by Elan. Seems like they have an interesting technology with the amphibio design. Is camber officially "out" in fatter skis?

Thanks, drn92
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Anybody has first hand experience skiing Elan Spectrum 85?

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I have the precursor to Spectrum called Olympus Mons. Its domensions are 140-110-130.

It has camber underfoot with modest tip and tail rocker. It also has 2 sheets of metal.

The ski has the girth to perform well in powder and carves a sweet turn on groomed runs. It can do this because of (i) camber and (ii) metal.

It is not a powder ski per se. The metal makes it too heavy to be a great powder ski. On the other hand, super rockered powder skis with no camber and metal perform really badly on groomed runs because there is very little edge contact. Lots of chatter and lots of sliding.

I think the fatter Spectrum skis with part metal laminate are Elan's evolution of the Mons. I would describe them as a really good all mountain ski. If I could only have one ski it would be the Spectrum.
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Bump for anything from anyone...

Like joe strummer above, I've got a few seasons in on Elan's 183cm 1010/Olympus, and sadly need to find a replacement this season. In a word, the 1010/Olympus were super versatile despite having a 110mm waist, and if I could find a new-old-stock pair in 183cm length, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

Me: male, 160lbs, grew up skiing back east and now live in the Sierras. The 1010/Olympus flex is perfect (ie soft enough) for my weight in powder/soft snow, is super damp and forgiving in junky crappy snow, and is laterally stiff enough to edge all over the frontside when heading back to the gondola. They're heavy for long skins/boot packs, but worth every extra ounce once pointed downhill.

So, can anyone compare Elan's newer Spectrum series to Elan's older 888/999/1010 or Apex/Spire/Olympus series?

On the flipside, can anyone familiar with the 1010/Olympus recommend a new(er) ski with a similar flex pattern for a lighter skier that still matches the 1010's damping and ability to hold an edge on hard snow? My only true powder days are limited to the back country/side country, so having a versatile ski that can handle variable and more than ocasional crappy refrozen junky cut up snow offpiste at the resort is important.

If the Spectrum series is all that the Apex/Spire/Olympus series was, with the newer "amphibio" inside-edge-camber-combined-with-outside-edge-rocker (marketing gimmick vs real innovation?), then maybe I'll pick up a pair of Spectrum 115's or 105's for this season.
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