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Weather Condition for Europe ?

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Our trip to Zermatt is only a few weeks away ---- is there a good website to see weather, current conditions etc ?





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I use these guys http://www.skiclub.co.uk/skiclub/snowreports/overview/default.aspx#.VNggHb7D_IU


The heavy snow finally came to an end on Tuesday, allowing skiers to experience the fantastic conditions following all the new snow. The avalanche danger was at Level 3 on Thursday 5th February, an improvement on earlier in the week when it hit Level 4 for many.

Great skiing has been had all week in the Jungfrau Region, with Ski Club Leaders in Grindelwald (15/163cm), Murren (80/189cm) and Wengen (50/110cm) all reporting fantastic conditions both on and off piste. Similar reports have come in from the Leader in Verbier (55/170cm), where excellent off piste has been found across the mountain.

The linked resorts of Grimentz (50/150cm) and Zinal (50/150cm) saw further snowfall on Thursday 5th February, further improving the already very good conditions across the area. Every one of the 21 lifts has been turning all week and 111 out of 115km of slopes were open.

Over in the east of the country, Samnaun (35/135cm) has some fantastic conditions at present. The Ski Club’s Leader in Ischgl across the border in Austria, reported that the slopes all the way down to Samnaun were in excellent condition, with the red runs above the village also providing some great skiing.

Changeable weather is in the forecast for the weekend, with some resorts in the southwest forecast to pick up around 25cm.There are likely to be some decent sunny breaks for many however, especially in the north of the country.


They give a 3 day forecast for free, register for 6 and pay as a member for 9.

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As far as weather goes, www.yr.no is pretty accurate. One of very rare, that use local models and not general ones, which are pretty much useless in Alps as weather in one valley is completely different then in the other, which is just 5km over the hill away. Only other one, to use same sort of models is Meteo Swiss, but it's paid service.

As far as snow conditions goes, Bergfex.com is good one, and of course local web.

Edit: It should be "only other one >I know off<", as I'm sure there are other services and not just Meteo Swiss and Norwegian meteo institute to use local models.

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Prim, thanks for that steer, I've never used YR.NO, I'm going to try it over the next week and see if it's accurate for the Valchiavenna. Another good one to know (I'm loading in Zermatt for the OP) is: https://www.meteoblue.com/en/switzerland/weather-zermatt

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Forgot to mention that the Skiclub GB has reps in many of the top resorts and they give regular reports on the real conditions in the resorts, not the tourist board ones.


Zermatt has a rep. http://www.skiclub.co.uk/skiclub/snowreports/snowreport.aspx/Zermatt#.VNjEj77D_IU

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Thanks guys -  2 weeks until our trip...... Starting to get excited !!!!  

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