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kastle rx size

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Need help with size of kastle Rx I am advance and agesive skier 5'8" and 170 lb they seem to recommend 184cm I think is too long for short radius and hard pack any input thanks (happy sking )
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I am almost exactly your size, and I recently bought the MX78.  The Kastle site put me on the 178, but, doubting that, I contacted the national, western, and eastern sales reps for Kastle US.  They all strongly suggested the 168, esp. given my desire for a shorter-turn, hard-snow application.  

I never tried the 178, but the 168 I bought feels right to me.  I suspect you will be happier with a shorter ski.

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I'm 5'6" and 170 lbs.

I ski the RX in 176 and it is a solid ski at any reasonable speed for me.

And, I have a bias for longer skis than most.

Unless you are a really strong skier who goes at ticket pulling speeds, I think you will find the 184 is more work than fun.

If you are a solid masters racer running fast courses you might want the 184 but bring your big boy pants.

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Thank you very much do you think 168 will be ok dakine with plate
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At your size I think they will be fine to about 35 mph and give near slalom performance.

I assume you are getting the skis with the KTI plate setup which is very good.

Still think you want the 176 if you are an aggressive skier and like warp 8.

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I'm close to your size and have the 168 with the plate.  My 0.02 is that it boils down to turn size.  If you like making slalomy turns get the 168 (I think its about 14-15m radius).  I like making (or having the ability to make) smaller carved turns so very happy with the 168 (and If I need to it's easy enough to ease into larger GSey turn shapes).

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