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Italian [for full season]

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I'm looking for a good ski mountain where Italian is the local language to work on the slopes for a season (preferably with easy to expert ski difficulty. I ski well, gf has never seen snow). I was thinking cervinia/zermatt because then I can go over the mountain and get some good runs but apparently it takes nearly an hour on the lift. Are the other spots in Italy that I've missed that are worth a look? 


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I would pass on Cervinia/Zermatt if you are looking to ski at Zermatt often.  Thought it was a total pain to get to the Zermatt side.  I like the Dolomite region much better.  Val Gardena, Arabba, Cortina better IMO.

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I love the Dolomites but there is very little that is truly black there.


Cervinia Zermatt is a good choice but as others have said it is a bit of a pain to get to the harder runs down to Zermatt and really impossible to get to the real tough stuff at Rothorn.


I enjoyed Cervinia and would go back as my skiing is really restricted to on piste stuff nowadays and there are some great long runs there.

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Monte Rosa and Via Lattea are two ski areas. The first consists of three valleys/villages, Champuloc/Gressoney/Alagna, where the last one is dubbed "free riders paradise". Via Lattea is close to Torino, bordering to France with four Italian villages and two French in one huge system with many peaks--has some really great off piste and fab tree skiing, which is not that much talked about. Then Courmayeur is also very good for off piste when conditions allow. Tiny system by alp standards, but you can ski to Chamonix...

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Let us know in more detail what you're looking for and I can give you a steer. 

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What about Courmayeur with the off piste skiing on Mont Blanc (down Punta Helbronner), on the main mountain and with Chamonix within reach.  20 minutes up the road you have La Thuile that also goes into France.  

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Thanks for all your help guys.
I just did hakuba Japan for two weeks, had a blast, and really struggled on powder, but I havent given up. What i noticed is when it gets busy the mogals are like mountain ranges. So i suppose im looking for somewhere a little less packed so I get the most out of the mountain.
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