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Snowbird Cirque Map

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Does anybody have a map/description of the individual chutes on the cirque at the bird?

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what exactly are you looking for? it's pretty much the same face with different entry points.

Silver fox and primrose you can see everything other than when you get closer to chips, look from chips before skiing, the other big face to your right going up the tram is pretty much the same with different entry points, great scott is the most difficult to me the others are pretty easy the same skiing towards big emma, but not an open face more like trees and small little chutes again, look up from the cattracks before skiing!
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If you're talking the Peruvian side of the Cirque it pretty much goes... Great Scott, first run on the point of the Cirque. Accessed by either the Rats Nest gate, the very top, or traversing in from the top of Jaws. (Easiest way in)

Jaws is next, it has a choke towards the top, takes a lot of snow to fill in.

The Diagonals are next, leftward leaning chutes, fairly easy, fills in more as the season goes on.

Death Chute is next on the ridge, steep entrance, then a high speed turn before the apron.

Elevator Chute is next. Two entrances, the first is much easier, the second involves air onto a steep landing.

The Forbidden Zone is next, takes a lot of snow to fill in the hairy ass drops to high speed run outs.

Hanging Tree is where the lower traverse meets the ridge line, probably one of the least steep drops into the Cirque.

After that it is the "Lower Cirque" for a while, choose a spot. Glen's is the last pitch before the tower.

There are three pitches at the tower, the first is pretty easy to get to, the second involves going to P-Tex Point and traversing right midway through it. The third is just before Daltons after you've dropped left and past P-Tex Point. Daltons and Mach Schnell drop off the front side and I'd not consider them in the "Cirque."

If you can find a Powdershots Poster it illustrates most of the Cirque runs very well.
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