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Ski Ready Workshop

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Thought I'd give you an update about how that went. Topgun and I worked on this together. We used the Rebounders, CoreBoard and Stability Ball. It would have been great to use the Slide Boards, but both time factor and information overkill were an issue.

I began the class with some balance exercises which involved weight shifts, fore/aft alignment, singel and two footed balance. Of course, I included concepts on how to activate the deeper core muscles by using kegels and breath coordinated with movement. Since we had a pretty big student population, I noticed many misaligned necks, and overly active shoulders, whichI think may cause some problems in skiing.

From there, Topgun did some ski specific moves on the rebounders, followed by some plyometrics. Having the rebounders afforded us the opportunity to extend the plyometric segment, since it was not too stressful on the knees. BTW, our students were for the most part, young and fit.

While topgun was teaching, i went around and tried to be sure people were still connecting to the balance and alignment cues i gave in the beginning. I did notice, that many of the girls had a really hard time keeping their knees and feet parallel.

After cooling down from rebounding, I brought everyone to the core boards. What a blast!! I had them go into a tuck postion, and then do small weight transferences from side to side. I was even able to do a little bit of edging work combined with weight transference. Once again, I was always reminding them about what they did in the warmup.

I finished them off on the stability balls. Some of the things were quite simple. Sit on the ball. Hold imaginary ski poles. "Walk" so that you are sitting on one "cheek", and then to the other. The idea is to keep a quiet upper body. We did some exercises to promote lateral strength and stability. Once again, this seems to be the most challenging thing for many people. I wonder if it relates to how easily someone can angukate while skiing.

Th upside to all of this is that Topgun and I got invited to stay at one of the woman's ski houses at Sugarbush!
[img]smile.gif[/img] Maybe next year our managers will let us do this pre season!
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Sounds like you and Topgun had fun.

What would you do different next time (other than pre-season)? Have an "advanced" class so you could do what you didn't have time for? Have an outsider discuss equipment/clothing issues? Discuss hydration(maybe get Camelback to sponsor?)?

How did the assistant manager deal with this?

Oh, is there room at Sugarbush???? :
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Probably a longer class, so we can add the slides and the foam rollers and dyna disks. Last year, when we did this, it was crircuit style, so it did not matter if we did not have enough equipment. We could not do that this year, because people were brand new to core board, and a circuit style class would cause too much confusion.
The assistant manager tried unsucessfully to have the class not happen! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Scsa, one of the great things about teaching this sort of a class is that you don't have to play Dancing Queen again and again!
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Oh, I know. But you gotta admit. It has to be one of the top 50 pop songs of all time.

I think the lyrics can be inspirational to women, you know, "...having the time of your life..". But I'm a 70's dude. I always liked Mary Tyler Moore too.

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Don't knock the 70s - I was born in that decade (just).
Some of the best music came out then:
Thin Lizzy
The Dubliners
Dire Straits

I could go on. (and normally do!)

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You're on fire!
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You forgot Men at Work!! OOps! I think that's 80s!
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