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Alpine racing world's 2015

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While all the attention of this board is directed at soggy Tahoe, there is a parallel drama happening in Beaver Creek where the US SKI team is suffering setback after setback in the competition on their home soil that was supposed to be the coronation of a new ski superpower (at least if you read NY Times). Instead the women field is turning into the usual showdown between Anna Fenninger and Tina Maze with occasional Lara Gut thrown in between. US team lost Bode Miller to a crash on men side after one race. So far the best hopes are Ted Ligety and Michaella Schiffrin. Michaella will probably deliver, she is a machine in a good sense of the word. I would not also rule out Julia Mancuso in the GS and combined. Although her form appears to be off this season, she has a history of rising to the occasion out of nowhere. Just tells you how unpredictable ski racing really is. Beautiful sport.
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Honestly, after the Olympics, I figured our best skiers are in the GS events. Miller wasn't even supposed to ski. Vonn got 3rd in the Super G. In tomorrow's Men's Downhill I'd be glad if someone from the US made the top ten. The combined could get a US skier on the podium but I doubt it. The US media always over hypes the athletes.
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