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Tina Maze

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I heard earlier in her career she had alot of talent but had lack of finances and proper team, only in her last few years did she get a great team together and ever since she has really risen to the top, what shes doing in the last couple season is incredible, she is world class in every single event, and a threat for gold/win.

I have a few questions, im wondering what your opinion is.


1. Is Tina Maze the most complete skier in history?


2. Do you wish she had a proper team/finances or came from USA or another top country instead of a little country like Slovenia? Just imagine she had the best conditions since the start, a Lindsey Vonn / Tina Maze rivalry both in prime and best would have been the best thing in skiing since a long while.


3. What do you think is the reason for her being world class in every single discipline?

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Slovenia is little, bit not in the skiing world...
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I've been to Slovenia many times on business. Wonderful people and country.

She is super proud to be Slovenian and would only ever want to ski for Slovenia. In addition, skiing is possibly the most popular sport in Slovenia. Her training would have been pretty good.
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Financing was never really an issue ;) Skiing (alpine, nordic, biathlon...) was pretty much only sport we had till some 20 years ago. Everything else was left on side. So money in skiing was never really an issue, and even now, with all these problems alpine part of ski federation has, finances are not really problem, but there are currently people around, who have no idea how to deal with money, and then it's pretty normal, money is gone without results.

Otherwise we are not, or at least we were not all that small in ski business. Some years ago, we were pretty much super power in skiing, not really like Austria or Switzerland, but not far from there, but lately it all went more or less to hell, and when Maze will quit, most likely after this season, we will be strugling to end year with 5 WC points all together.

With Tina things are a bit different, then it might look from far away. It's not financing or bad coaching, or not available material or conditions in younger years. If you look even nowadays, half of service guys on WC tour are Slovenians, quite big number of coaches on tour are Slovenians, and some 10 years ago, number of Slovenian coaches around the world, was even bigger. So it's not we wouldn't have these things. With Maze it was she had problems, and as majority of racers (at least in Slovenia) at that time she had priorities set wrong. If you manage to get to national team, all was well, and there was not much need to prove something more, even less to bother and win WC race. Even though just 2, 3 years before, we had team of 4, 5 women who were constantly in top 10 (including winning SL/GS globes). But then all of a sudden this mentality hit, and noone bothered to do something. Not to mention it was necessary to put down anyone who was thinking different (one of reasons why so many coaches went out of Slovenia and our team was left mainly with B stuff).

This all changed when Massi (who was before about year conditioning coach in women WC team) managed to persuade Tina to go her own way. Through the years, he changed her way of thinking, and if there's someone to thank him for this, it's him. Tina was always great skier technically, but mentaly she was everything but champion (to some part even 2 years ago, she still didn't change this completely). And to win, you need both parts. And with Massi on her side, she managed to change that and become what she is now.

Is she best skier or not... I would say yes, she is. Lindsey is great champion, and she won 64 WC races, while Tina is not even on half of that, but technically looking, Tina is way better skier then Lindsey ever was. Now what counts, victories and statistics, or technical view... it's up to everyone of us to decide. :)

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3 races, 2 gold 1 silver

2 races to go



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Tina Maze holds the record for the most WC points in one season.  In the 2013 season she accumulated something like 2400 points beating Hermann Maiers 2000 point record.   Oh to be a great skier and pretty too.   YM

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