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Hi all! Just joined today and already have a gear question. I'm looking for a new set of SL skis and am having a heck of a time finding information that coinsides with my needs so I'm hoping you all may be able to shed some light.
I'm a female racer who just hit the big four O. I'm..., small. 5'0" and #100 on a good day. I'm fairly aggressive but by no means an elite racer. When I race NASTAR my handicaps are 12-15 to give you an idea. Based on all of that I really think I belong on a junior ski. I've done really well on my Atomic junior GS skis but I've heard mixed reviews of the SL skis so don't want to jump into those just becasue it's a familiar brand.
I have pretty much ruled out Nordica/Blizzard because the max length I think they come in is 143cm and I'm afraid that won't give me enough under foot at speed. I think ideally I'd want a 145-146cm length. Please let me know if I'm maybe thinking that though wrong... If I'm correct on the length issue than I'm left with the Rossi/Dynastar, Fischer or Atomic. I want a ski I can flex but am afraid I'll over power the Rossi's? That leaves me with Fischer or Atomic by my calculations.
Halp!! :-) And thanks!