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SLC Knee Doc Needed

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Anybody know a good orthopedic in the Salt Lake City area? My buddy tore his ACL and must undergo surgery, his doc told him 6 months recovery time, which seemed a bit long to me. I shattered my knee and felt pretty good after about 4-5 months. He is in pretty good shape too. Anyway, he'd like a second opinion, he felt like he was rushed through the doc's office. Anybody have any contact info for me to give him? Thanks.
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My doc said 6 months too....needs that long for hamstring graft to become ligament. did your buddy have MRI?
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in my experience with ACL reconstruction (left knee 1999, right knee 1985), 6 months to skiing is pretty optimistic.

My orthopod, who arguably is the best ACL recon guy west of the Mississippi, won't let anyone ski until at least 9-12 mos post-op, and that assumes rigorous adherence to the physical therapy regimen. He uses the patellar tendon technique and says that it takes 9-12 mos for the graft to integrate sufficiently to withstand the pressures caused by alpine skiing.
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It took a year for me including all of the above mentioned and rehab. Then a full season after, wearing a custom brace before I felt confident. :
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