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Nordica Fire Arrow low price

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Alpine Base & Edge is a reputable place.

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Very reputable; if 168 is the right length for you, and you like to go strong and fast, jump on this. If they had any 176s I'd jump on a second pair.

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I have a pair Volkl 168 and have a feeling I'd like to have longer skis this time. I'm 5.10 and 175 lbs so I don't really know what to do . Didn't ski anything longer than 168 last 15 years.
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BTW , that also have FA 84 Evo Pro in 176 but don't know how different is this ski from FA 84 EDT? Decisions, decisions. ..
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I'm only 5'7" and have skied both the 168 and 176.  The FA84 EDT is an amazing ski.  I preferred the 168 but didn't have any problems with the 176.  This is a ski that rewards good technique and punishes bad technique, very quick, holds an edge like a race ski and no speed limit.  The Pro is like a different world.  It is not a bad ski, just not in the same league as the EDT.  If you have good technique you will love the EDT.


Edit:  OOPS, 176cm is apparently gone.  And that is an amazing price, less than wholesale.

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Still see 176 cm,




My last question in mental battle would be this ski- http://www.snowinn.com/ski-store/head-i.supershape-rally---prx-12-s-14-15/624464/p?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=merchant&id_producte=859232&country=us&gclid=CNvr19b8y8MCFQeoaQod0xEArA


What you guys think about this one ?? 


Im located in Chicago area, soonest demo ski will be in 3 weeks from now in Wisconsin ( don't even know if they will have Nordicas and Heads rallys) so Idon't know if I will buy either Nordica or Head ( because of great prices) or wait until demo and then decide ? 



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Ok, the FA84 Pro is only available in 176 but the EDT is only available in 168.  They are very different skis.

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Grab a pair while u can bro. I just bought them as well, but this price is amazing.

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You guys should watch Sierratradingpost,sometime they have 45% off coupon, they have a pair of 168 and 176 on sale, I would have picked one up if I didn't have a pair already. 

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I got the 184's :)

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