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Blizzard Magnum 8.0 Ti (or CA) as Eastern ski

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My 2005 Volkl Supersport 5* 168cm are starting to loose grip on ice so I am looking for a newer replacement. My other ski is 2014 Bonafides 187cm and although they are awesome on groomers i would like something similarly aggressive but not as wide and long for New England, Vermont, NY and Poconos conditions. These days there are great deals around on 2013-2014 Blizzard Magnums and they are in my price range.

I am looking at Magnum 8.0 in Ti or Ca with integrated binding system (they also came flat it seems). For someone 5'10" 185lbs should I go with Ti or Carbon version? And is 172cm too short? I demoed Brahmas in180cm this season and loved them, but I guess they are closer to my Bonafides. I want something with similar grip on hardpack (groomers only) that I can push hard but somewhat forgiving at the same time. Or should I just wait for the end of the season and get Brahmas that II know I liked? Thanks!
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I bought the magnum ti at the end of last season. I've skied them 10 days this year at Windham. I ski all the diamonds an double diamonds except mogols. These skis turn like a dream smooth and sure. They grab ice without a problem. They are rock solid at 60+ mph. They are happy crashing crud. They accelerate me out of turns. The only draw back I found it they will catch an edge if not kept on one, so I let them do what they truly due best----turn turn turn! I'm 162 and 5-8. I expected a great ski and got one. If you like to ski fast and carve short turns this ski will not disappoint
Good luck. My shop took a brand new pair and set them up for me to demo--- it only too a few runs before I was hooked---
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 Did you get 8.0TI or 8.5TI and what length? Apparently Magnums came either with the binding/mounting system or just flat with no bindings, which one did you get?  At this point its too late to demo a pair so I'm just trying to figure whether they feel similar to Brahmas (which I demoed this season) by reading the forums. Thanks.

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I bought 8.0 TI. Mine are the 165. They mounted Marker Griffons to match the width of the ski.

I'm 60 years young. I've only skied GS skis and still love to go fast! Since age 18 my first skis were Rossi St Comps. I moved To Volkel Targas. I have always owned an agressive ski and have been able to adapt to that ski. Unfortunately I stopped skiing while my daughter was in college playing a D1 sport. When she graduated, I looked for a new upgrade, After demo a few skis , ie Rossi 78. I felt a more agressive ski was needed. The Bizzards are everything I wanted. I'm still trying to go faster than the ski
"best I could do was 70mph on the Rossi Ski App. Not sure if the GPS speed was accurate but the skis were!nnKeep in mind that I love groomed runs aka Windham. Good luck picking out your skis, we all want the perfect set but the reality is we wind up working with what we buy----I love my magnum ti. ',
Hope that helps
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I am looking at the 8.0 Magnum tis in a 165 so this threat has been very helpful.  Pulling the trigger in the fall so just doing research now and seeing what is out there.  

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Sunandski.com has the magnum 8.0 to 165 for 280 skis only.
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Originally Posted by lott42 View Post

Sunandski.com has the magnum 8.0 to 165 for 280 skis only.


Sooooo temping but just bought a softer no metal ski for the trees/bumps so my ski budget is tapped out until the fall :(.  That's the my ski size too.  Ah well.  Hopefully I will find a good deal come fall. 

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I'm 5'9" 160lbs and ski the 8.0ti in a 172 length. I bought them flat, no experience with the system binding. East coast (ME and NH) skier. I have found that this is a good length for me for the terrain I ski. Handle hard snow very well with lots of energy out of the turn. I don't think they have the biggest sweet spot of the skis I've been on, but they do great hard charging and ok at slower cruising. I find they prefer medium-sized turns but can be steered into small radius turns easily enough. At this length they are agile enough for hard bumps.
They ski soft choppy/cut up snow ok, but for me I prefer other skis in those conditions. I find that it takes a fair bit of pressure to bend this ski, and softer conditions do not always allow for this. Perhaps a 172 for someone 20 lbs heavier would help in this area.
If you haven't already, check out dog catching' s review of these skis. I found it to be spot on and a much more succinct description than I can supply here.
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Skied the 8.0 CA's for the last two seasons and think they're an excellent 1SQ for the EC.


Me: 5' 9"  180

Skis 172


Perfect length.  I like the CA as it's a bit softer, although I also have SL skis for really icy days.  


I don't ski very fast so the metal is not needed for me.

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Just came today; thank you Sierra trading company $110



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