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Mt Baker Ski Area

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I love Mt Baker, the mountain itself is a finicky bastard, but none the less it is local and always a good time. There is currently snow, but we have been slammed with rain, and all we have currently is slush. They have restricted the mountain to half days, so if you are thinking of skiing in the Great Northwest, might want to consider something a bit more north, like in Canada!


I believe there was a post earlier about the snow report about whistler, so definitely skim through the reports to get a better idea of where to go. On Sunday Whistler is supposed to get snow, so I might be heading across the border to fulfill my snow needs!


Sorry not much else to report! 

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Whistler is not having a great year either- there is a fair amount of snow in the alpine but the valley is just as low as Baker's base so don't expect stellar conditions down to valley.

The latest is the freezing level could go higher than the peak Saturday before it starts to drop again on Sunday.    

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I'm not skiing at Baker until there's more snow.  I skied Stevens and it was OK for having just a few groomers open.


Today I was looking at the Okanogan area and it looks like there is plenty of snow.  Big White seemed to have the lowest temps and highest snow pack, but all of the areas I checked looked good.  We're going to head that way soon.

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from what i hear the Okanogan or further east on hwy 1 is a good choice 

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