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Recovery time post Arthroscopic surgery

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I am having arthroscopic surgery in one week on my knee. I was wondering what the timeline on recovery for this surgery is? Does physio actually help with recovery time? The surgery is to clean up the underside of the patella and to trim off any meniscal damage. I am expecting that i will not be able to ski or play volleyball for about 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
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FIRST you should ask this Q of your orthopod. He/she will give you the most accurate answer. Every patient is different. Joan Benoit ran an Olympic marathon one day after having a knee 'scoped to remove scar tissue. Grandpa Jones might take half a year before he feels he can walk normally again. I think most folks will take a bit longer than Ms Benoit but much shorter than Gramps.

SECOND - My experience with 'scopes (I've had 2) is that your recovery time depends largely on three things. (1) Your fitness pre-op. (2) Your surgeon's technique (the more refined, the less the swelling). (3) Your body's typical swelling response and time to reduction. What slows down your ability to perform is the fluid held within the joint capsule, which restricts knee articulation. The faster your body gets rid of the fluid, the faster you can return to activity.

Hope this helps. Don't forget -- ASK YOUR ORTHOPOD!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I had the same procedure done, as well as a cyst removed, and I was practicing on the tennis court in 4 weeks, and playing in 6 weeks. I think I could have skied (most terrain) even earlier than that. As gonzo said, it depends on a lot of things. Make sure they give you that perpetual-motion machine for your knee. (What is that thing called?) It is critical to keep the range of motion in your joint so it doesn't become stiff and atrophied.
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Agree absolutely with everything Gonz says. It is CRUCIAL that you ask your surgeon before attempting any activity.
I do post rehab conditioning with people who have been to PT, and for the most part, they seem to heal more quickly. Try to find a PT who is active in skiing and other sports.
Good Luck!
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