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Out of the blue, my wife was contacted by the Vail Valley Medical Center to come there to work as a nurse in their new interventional Cardiac Cath Lab.  She used to be the Director and lead nurse of the local Cath Lab here and has been sort of a hot shot in that profession for nearly 20 years.  Due to issues with the recent ownership of the local hospital (Centura) where she worked in the Cath Lab, she left last summer and is now working in the operating room at the other hospital here but would really like to get back into a good Cardiac Cath Lab.  She knows the physicians and several other principals up there and they would really like her to come work with them. If this happens, it will happen very quickly, like maybe in the next 2 weeks.


We have lived in Durango for 16 years and really love it down here, but are considering that job and moving to the Vail area depending on what the offer turns out to be.  The higher cost of living there is a real concern.  We would sell our house here but for several reasons would rent for the foreseeable future if we moved up there.  Looking for a reasonable small home or maybe a townhome. There are just the two of us and two dogs. 


Do any of you live there and have a feel for what the long-term rental market is like or the best resource to look into to get educated?  She would probably have to be within a 30 minute on-call window distance to the medical center.  I imagine we would be looking for something between Minturn, Edwards, Wolcott, Eagle to stay within her on-call window. Are most of the rental houses or townhomes around there more geared for ski rentals (i.e. really expensive) or is there much of a more moderately priced market for year-round rentals? What could we hope to find and where would you recommend looking?


Any information would be very helpful and appreciated.