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Volkl V-werks Code/RTM

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Hey Gear heads... Help an old guy out.  I'm 44.  I ski mostly midwest hardpack with a 3 day trip or two out west once a year.  I like a stiffer ski, fast from edge to edge.  I've only ever skied 'slalom' type skis.  I want a high end ski that I can make quick turns on when I want to, take and race in the beer league if I want, and will hold a steady edge when I am in the mood for longer GS turns.  I am currently skiing on Volkl Vertigo G31s.  


I'm looking a the Volkl V-werks Code skis right now.  I can't find anyone who will rent me a pair to try.  


Anyone want to comment on these skis?  Do you like them?  What else do you think I should look at?  The last time I tried a GS ski was like 25 years ago.  It was an Atomic ARC and I hated it because it felt like it took me forever to get from edge to edge. 

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I rented a pair of Vwerks RTM at Brianshead this year.

Were the best skis I used. Right now I'm looking to buy them.


I'm 45, 6", and 162.... and skied for 20 years, just a week/year.

I reached 100kmh (64miles) with those. Are incredible fast, and funny.



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Wooo, two guys with 1st posts!  Welcome to Epicski.

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Well, if you want a piste ski (meaning no requirement on all-mountainess) and you ski SL's, why not a current GS incarnation? And by that I mean the top cheater GS versions. They are actually kinda friendly, you go short and you will have all sorts of quickness on them (edge to edge, pivotal, etc)


Cant say for the v-werks Code, but long time ago I skied the normal Code, and I think its softer than the Volkl GS skis (racetigers) and I would definitely prefer the racetiger GS. I would say that the advantage on the vwerks might be weight reduction, but is this really a concern given your SL background?


In this spirit, I'd recommend the Atomic D2 GS, Rossignol Hero LT TI, Head iSpeed but probably all

the top tier cheater GS would honor the category

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