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inferior patella moron

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Maybe I should have titled this post DON'T DO THIS...I was working hard on Retta's Run at Winter Park the day the run opened. (FUN!)A bunch of good snow to track into bumps. Only a few log/rock hits. I was tired after four runs down and the snow was working my Bandit X's a bit. I dropped to my butt to catch my breath toward the bottom of the run and then to get back up I simply lifted my weight using mostly the patella tendon of my right knee. And sproinged it below the knee cap. I saw a doc who said it had some swelling but good range of motion. It mostly hurts when I am driving and need to switch between the gas and the brake pedals with my leg at an angle. Ice and 6 weeks rest is what she told me. It's a good time to be down as the holiday crowds can be lifethreatening and I'll begin my therapy and bike training by doing some light spinning on rollers. But, the bottom line is don't do what I did! :

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Ouch! I was skiing behind two kids (approx. 7yo?) on a cat track when they both dropped down to their butts, sitting on the backs of their skis. They skied that way for a bit then popped right back up like a couple of toaster pastries.

I watched in amazement thinking, "Wow, if I tried that they'd be bringing me down in a sled."

Ah youth..........
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sugar Snack:
... then popped right back up like a couple of toaster pastries.

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