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Planning late March/early April trip to Keystone

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I am planning a late March/early April trip to Keystone for my first "out west" venture. The trip is likely to be solo with the possibility of a friend joining me (tentative). I  want to miss the spring break crowds as I am looking forward to a relaxing couple days of skiing.


A friend mentioned that I should check into the snow conditions this year to make sure a late spring trip is worth it.


My plan is to fly out on a Sunday, ski Monday and Tuesday and fly back to WI on Wednesday. I am an intermediate WI skier and I've never been out west. I don't really know what to expect other than long runs. After much research, I have finally settled on Keystone based on a recommendation of a friend. It seems that if you look long enough you will find good and bad for just about any resort. I am hoping that Keystone is a good choice for my first trip.


Any advice you can offer about snow and Keystone in general is greatly appreciated.



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You have a good plan for your interests with respect to resort and timing.  My only suggestion would be to stay for a few more ski days if you can.  You will barely be adjusted to the altitude when you have to go home.

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Keystone is a great first "out west" resort. I like to take friends there when skiing abilities vary in the group because there is something there for everyone. It's a good place to get used to skiing out west, but the back side has some really fun runs for the more advanced skiers. Keystone is also a tad bit cheaper than some of the other options out west, IMO. Lodging isn't bad either. I found summitcove.com a few trips ago and they seem to have better rates than the actualy keystone website for keystone condos, etc. YMMV, but I think you're making a good choice! I'll be in Colorado the 2nd weekend in April, but I'm not too worried about snow conditions. I skied Abasin last June and the snow sucked, but it's still fun if you're from the Midwest like us!!
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I made the exact same trip last year.  Flew from Minneapolis to Denver on Sunday and drove straight up to our Condo in Dillon, then skied Loveland Monday and Copper on Tuesday.


If I could have changed anything I would have stayed in Golden Sunday night to help adjust to the altitude and lengthened my trip by 1 day as well.  We wanted to stay up in Dillon the first night to be 5 minutes away from the ski area in the morning.   The thing is the altitude kicked our ass so badly that we could have started later in the morning and still got in all the skiing we wanted.

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Will be at Keystone around that time frame.  No telling about conditions this far out, but should be fine.  I know Keystone fairly well for intermediate stuff.  PM me if you decide to go and want to hook up.

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I agree. Because you're skiing at 12,000 feet or more at all of the ski areas in Summit County, it usually takes 2 or 3 days to acclimate to the altitude. For the first 2 days, I take one Ibuprofen and one Sudafed each morning and evening to help with the altitude headache and muscle soreness. It works!

Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin are close by, so you may want to explore.
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