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Size for fitness ball

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I'm thinking of getting fitness ball and was wondering what size I should get. I'm 5' 7" tall and have seen that the 65cm ball is appropriate for my height. I'm in pretty good cardiovascular and muscular shape and am looking for a more challenging workout to improve my balance. I was wondering whether the 55cm ball would be a better choice. I've never worked out with a fitness ball before and would only like to buy 1 if possible (no room in the house or money in the budget for 2). I'm looking in to encorporating the ball with my strengthening routine. Any thoughts?
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Although the smaller ball is more of a balance challenge, in certain seated positions, your knees would be hyper flexed, which is not wonderful. With the 65 cm., you can deflate the bal for exercises where you want more of a balance challenge. have fun!
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