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Hello everyone.  Great forum.  I am just getting back into skiing after a hiatus of a couple years.  I have come back only to realize that I am still on my first set of gear that I purchased 15 years ago!  I am quickly finding out that a lot has changed (rocker vs camber, etc, fatter skis, etc).


I am off to a good start and went to a shop for boots.  All set there.


My question is of course skis.  Quick background.  I am pretty light at 5'10'' 155-160 lbs and consider myself an intermediate level skier.  I can fly down blues and manage blacks and above but not the way I am supposed to. (Moguls give me trouble)  I am looking for a versatile, one-quiver ski that can hold an edge out east while also able to go into the trees and take them out west.  (I am going to Breck next month).  I am not the fastest guy on the mountain and don't really want to be.  I like to occasionally charge but really like to go off into the trees and do my own thing when i can.


I've looked into this for quite awhile and this is what I have it narrowed down to:


Nordica nrgy90's

Line Sick Days 95

Blizzard Brahma

Blizzard Bushwhacker (Although i'm having a really hard time finding a place to buy these new)


Oh and I am used to skiing a 170 length.  I want to go longer I am thinking 175-180 would be perfect.


Thoughts and suggestions?  Would love any input and greatly appreciated.