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My current (stock) liners are on their last days.  I really liked them -- they have a flow-type material around the ankle that molds nicely to my foot. [The only thing I didn't like was the tongue, which was too soft, so my shop replaced it with a Conformable foam tongue.]  But I've been told a new pair like this would cost $400 (not including a custom tongue), which is too much to invest in an old boot.  I could try an Intuition liner (~$200 including molding), but am wondering if anyone might have, or be able to suggest, any other options.


The boots are 24.5 Rossi Course KX, purchased from the Rossi race dept. in 1998.   Among the few I've tried, the current boot that seems closest to them in size/shape is the Rossi HERO WORLD CUP SI 110 SC, 97 mm (whose shell should be identical to that of the Lange RS110 SC).


Yeah, I could just buy a new boot, but these fit and perform so well I'd like to get a few more years out of them.