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Need info please: ankles.

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New season, new girlfriend...
She is very excited about this season and learning to ski. She is very athletic (volleyball and basketball) but has had bouts with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in her right ankle. Wondering if there are any serious ankle injuries associated with skiing. (I have been skiing for about 8 years, and don't remember anything other than a blister or two from poor boot fit, corrected last year by custom fit Technicas.) Well anything that can be afforded would be great.

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome, HValley Skier! Any sort of injury to, or condition of the ankle can result in a loss of proprioception. This can either cause the ankle or other area to get injured.
On another forum, someone posted these exercises. I was rather pleased, since i teach them in my ski conditioning classes. Doing these prior to skiing will be good injury prevention!

1.Stand near something you can hold on to and balance on one foot then the other. 2.Now repeat except flexing the ankle and rising up and down due to the ankle flex. 3.Now repeat the above except close your eyes. I would suggest you start with a hand on something and then close the eye and then slowly remove your hand as a balance assist. 4.Place a simple foam pillow on the floor such as a bed pillow, stand on the pillow with one foot and repeat the above. 5.If so inclined purchase a ½ round (flat on one side) piece of Styrofoam approximately 5-6” wide and 3 feet long. Place the rounded side down and stand with your feet across the Styrofoam on the flat side with both feet, now one foot, and now stand lengthwise with your feet toe to heel and then reverse putting the opposite foot forward. 6.Now do the same as #5 except put the flat side down and stand on the ½ round. 7.If you have access to a trampoline (the small type used to assist gymnasts up to rings etc.) find a 5 lb. ball & repeat #5 & #6 bouncing the ball off the trampoline & catching it.

For those skiers really serious about improving there skiing a few of the simple exercise will help them immensely. They will gain a “sense” they may never have developed by simply skiing.

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Thank you...
I will show her this... I am really excited about getting another skier on the slopes and I am just looking to ensure that it will be a pleasurable experience... so she will come back! :P Skiing alone is great! Skiing with a loved one is the only thing better!

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Also, thank JC at hyperchange for posting this. Sometimes my darn hands get too tired to type up all the stuff I do!
Couple of important things: Even though you have taught skiing, do not try to teach your girlfriend.

Also, the rental boot situation may be a bit tricky. Having ankles that tend to be arthritic may make an already narrow choice of rental boots a problem. If she is extremely uncomfortable in the boots of a particular resort, try another, until she finds something RELATIVELY comfortable.
Good Luck! You sound like a wonderful guy, who desrves the best that love has to offer!
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Well.. thank you again!
About the instructing a girlfriend thing.. been there.. done that... WON'T again! :P
I will prolly go with demos from my home shop, so we will find a boot that fits her well!

btw, I already did the Christmas thing... Now, I am stuck here at work... (at least the pay is good!)


Thank you all... and Happy Holidays!
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