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Foot numbness and burning

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Please help me boot guys

I have a pair of Salomon X Max 90 W boots that have caused me weeks of problems since I bought them last year.

Firstly my middle three toes go numb, then my remaining toes, then the ball of my foot and finally the whole sole of my foot. This all just the left boot. Then I also have a burning pain in the soles of both my feet. Interestingly I also experience the same burning pain after long periods walking in normal shoes.

Any ideas? I've been to numerous boot fitters with various fixes tried. Nothing has helped but most of them didn't seem thorough to me despite being recommended. The only thing they could all agree on was that the shell is the right size for my feet.
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check that out,  and answer the questions on it for us please.   more info will get you a better answer

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I have custom moulded footbeds.

Each of the about five boot fitters I have seen have done a shell check and said the size is correct for me.

So far the boot fitters have removed heel lifts put on at the initial fitting. Ground down the foot beds, ground down the boot board, widened the boots around the ankles and stretched the boots in the area below

I wear good ski socks every time while skiing.

The discomfort gets worse as the day goes on.

I try to remember to loosen the buckles whenever possible. In fact I can't have the two buckles over my toes done up at all or my numbness gets worse.

I don't have a boot fitter where I live. Would I be be better off waiting until my next trip? Otherwise I could have someone in Melbourne or Sydney look at them when I'm there next.

I'm an intermediate skier, 155cm tall and 63 kg.

Two other things. The numbness disappears fairly quickly once I remove my boot and I know from previous physio work I've done that I have short, tight Achilles' tendons.
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From your description it sounds as  if two things may be happening:


First it sounds as if there is compression of your metatarsal heads due to pressure from the sides.  I know the boot has been widened but if the medial side of your foot is contacting the shell hard, widening the forefoot won't unload the side of the foot until there is space in the navicular and medial malleolus area of your foot.


Second it sounds as if the metatarsal heads are being loaded due to your tight Achilles.  The heel lift should help.


First fix the medial side of your foot if there is a problem there, then ski.  If all better stop.  If much better but some problem still persists try heel lifts back in.  Let me know how it goes.



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Thanks Lou

The boots haven't really been widened, that part of my post was cut off. It was more slightly stretched around the area just below my big toe. I should be able to get them widened tonight and hopefully try them tomorrow.

I don't really know why the heel lifts were taken out but it's hard to disagree with so called experts in their shop! ( the same shop that put the heel lifst on in the first place)

Some of the boot fitters have made comments like 'maybe your toes are just cold' or 'the boots fits, you shouldn't be having this problem.' All very frustrating.

I don't really want to start again with new boots unless I have to.
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I agree    get the boots you have made wider, and add a heel lift.   Keep the toe buckles off (not just loose)

thinner sock


does this numbness happen if you wear the boots, but are NOT skiing?  standing up, and sitting down?

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Do not get the boots widened and reinsert the heel lifts at the same time.  May fix your problem, but you won't learn anything.


Check medial mid foot area (around navicular) and if room is necessary, make it then stop and ski.


Go forward from there if necessary.





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I had the left boot widened last night. There was a marked difference when I skiied today. Maybe only a short period of numbness when I started the day. I then realised I actually needed to do the left boot up tighter and I could so without restricting feeling in my toes. This was a breakthrough for me.smile.gif
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Great news.  When you say widened do you mean in the toe area or in the medial mid foot area?



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Not exactly sure where it was widened. There was a bit of a language barrier (I'm currently in Italy).

The only problem I'm still having is cramping in my left calf at times. Could this be related to my tight achilles and should I maybe look at getting heel lifts put in when I next go skiing?

I only have one day left of this trip so I'll leave my boots for now.
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