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Lisa... A question.

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I don't know if you can help...

I walk funny, with a bit of a limp, because of my accident.

What this does is put a lot of stress on my opposite hip.

Last few days it's been very painful. When i say very painful, I mean "holy $#!† that hurts" even on vicoprofen or tylenol 3.

Any thoughts?
perhaps nutritional support?
should I get a different mattress and if so, firmer or softer?
When it hurts should I apply heat or cold?
Any other thoughts that it hasn't occurred to me to ask about?
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My first question would be what type, if any sort of physical therapy did you have after the accident? Decent therapy with an intelligent post rehab routine is crucial to proper healing. Have you informed your doc of this refered pain in the hip? There are so many factors that go into an injury. Were you doing anything different in the past few days that would make the hip hurt more?

Since you are shifting weight to that side, my guess is that you are shortening the muscular system surrounding your hip. A stretching routine may be helpful, but that needs to be done under the supervison of a professional who can see you in person.

One thing that is safe for pretty much anyone to do, is make sure to joint around your hip is secreting enough synovial fluid. Synovial fluid serves as both a lubricant and a shock absorber. The absence of this substance sometimes leads to arthritis.

Try this. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Pick up one bent knee, and bring it to your chest. Hold the knee with one hand, a draw a circle, as if you were stirring a pot with your knee. PLEASE be sure you are circling from the HIP, NOT FROM THE KNEE!

This may relieve some pain.

But unfortunately, in order to keep this pain from reoccuring, as well as to prevent problems in your ski technique, you may need to find someone who can help you with postural alignment issues. Any time you are injured, your body will develop all sorts of compensating mechanisms. Unfortunately, these often make you predisposed to other injuries. The aspirin, mattress change etc., will only serve as a bandaid. BUt until the body is re-aligned, the pain will continue.
Perhaps you will always have the limp, but there can be ways of making the pain less abominable.

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