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The Saga Continues.....

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ok, so I finally got a firm diagnosis today...after xrays, MRIs and exams...

Severed ACL. Sprained MCL, and bone bruises so bad Ill be on crutches for the next three weeks, at least. Surgery as soon as possible, within the next four weeks.

I need to go in for some Pre-Op PT. I know we've discussed this before but I need to pick a PT and I dont even know where to start. there are a couple of Health clubs that have on-staff thinking of going this route. does anyone know of anyone in the southern NH/Mass border they could reccomend? it would seem that I should have a reputable, sports-centric physical therapist. Im looking at Hampshire Hills, if anyone in this area has ever heard of them...

thanks for your help and kind words...

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Good luck with the rehab and here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

Sorry can't help with the PT recommendation but don't look for a "easy person" get the one that is willing to torture you. You may hate this person in the beginning but will be thanking them in the end...
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Linda, the only decent sports oriented PT I know of is on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston, at well bridge. There is also the Kennedy Brothers PT center, but that's downtown Boston, even more of a hassle. I see what I can find, but in the mean time, keep well!
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Pick a good surgeon who has an understanding of your need to get back into action. As you may know there are several different surgical techniques in vogue all with their advantages and disadvantages. You and your surgeon need to make that decision.

But to look on the bright side, my wife had ACL repair for a complete sever a few years ago on March 13th. She had a slight complication in May that set her back 3-4 weeks, but nevertheless was back skiing her usual terrain (and recreational racing)in December. She skied about 25 days that year. Focus on the long term - you'll come back stronger and better than before (especially if you listen to LM).

Good Luck!
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I have a good surgeon who seems to completely understand the need to ski, that I am more concerned with getting back on the skis than I am with walking. we discussed the surgery options and came to an agreement on the cadaver hamstring graph, as this seems to be the strongest fix with the shortest recovery time. he is also putting me in a brace for next season, when I return, usually he perscribes brace for 6 months but says i should use it for most of the season (and then muttered something like "crazy woman...")

not only did he seem sympathetic to the need for skiing, he also went on to describe how skiers, especially woman skiers use their knees and acls, and seemed very much knowlegeable about the special needs of the female knee....

I just gotta find a PT.
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Oh man Linda - sorry but at least you know now and can start working towards recovery with a plan.

Funny, I was going to post to you today to ask how you were doing.
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SugarSnack -

thanks so much for your kind thoughts and encouragement. Hopefully I will be concentrating so much on recovering that I wont miss this season...(yea, right.)

but you are right, now I know, and now I can get to getting ready for next year....

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I have never even been in a chat room before but your post motivated me. I am back on sno on saturday after ACL repair surgery on April 23rd. I had the hamstring graft. I whole-heartedly agree with an earlier post about finding a PT who will beat you up. I didn't have on and am paying with a substantial deficiet in muscule strengh to get back on the hill. I guess, my thought is, if PT doesn't hurt, you aren't making progess.

also if you can find someone who is not only a PT but an athletic trainer, that would be good.

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Welcome, sno-day,

good to have you aboard. was the recovery for the operation? (minus the PT, im talking about the day after) was it really painful? Im such a whimp, when it comes to that kind of stuff....
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Welcome aboard Sno-day,

Glad LindaA was able to coax you in.


My wife is an OT so I see a lot of "tortured" patiente come back to visit her and thank her. Good luck.. and keep us up to date..
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first week was aweful, lots of drugs, make sure you have help in the house.

My parents were nice enough to come. first night bythe time they helped me up the stairs I was really crying, I do not ususally like drugs but especially those first few days, do not be macho, it really hurts when that stuff wears off.

First thing inthe morning, hanging my leg down off the bed was excrutiating. I guess all the blood rushing. Anyway, I was dealing with divorce and unemployment at the same time so hopefully you don't have those extenuating circumstances

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ok, now im scared....

can you ski without an acl? to I really have to do this? aaahhhrrruuugghhh!!!

seriously though, cant be anything like the other day when i slipped and my knee gave out and I fell, again, and cranked my knee...

I dont usually take any kind of drugs (cept ibuprofin and asprin...) but sounds as htough ill be taking them...definitely not macho, more like whimpy....

How does it feel now? how is your skiing? are you wearing a brace? does it feel different? what about bumps?? will you or I ever ski them again?

can I ask anymore questions?????
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okay, I guess I am making a great impression being new and all....sorry

I am able to ski, got the okay from the surgeon last week. It does feel a little different but I understand it is not supposed to feel "normal" until after a year and that will be april for me.

I have seen huge progress in the last 8 weeks by really hitting the gym . Nothing like a slap in the face by the surgeon to get me going, not to mention ski season around the corner.

You need to have the surgery if you want to ski actively and agressively for the rest of your life.

I can run down and up stairs now, do yoga, jump, and believe me, after the surgery, I didn't think I would be able to bend my leg to a 90 degree angle! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

feel free to ask any questions, I wish I had known someone to ask at that time....
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RE: bumps

I plan on skiing them for a long time to come. My graft is very strong and the rest is quad and hamstring strength and STAMINA!
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Welcome sno-day! Everbody, notice she said HAMSTRING STRENGTH! I'm going to send like a broken record, but especially for women, to PREVENT ACL injury, keep those hamstrings strong!!
Alright, I'll stop nagging now!
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Thread Starter is scheduled for january third....gulp.

I am really frightened.
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(checking hamstrings as I sit at desk typing....)

Linda - I work with several ppl who have had the surgery you are going to have and they are back skiing now without braces!

You can do it! Here's hoping it will be better than you think (finger's crossed)
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