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Boot sizing confusion

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I am buying the scarpa gea 1.0 boot, and I'm not entirely sure about the size. Size 23.5 fits me perfectly in the store, and the people there said I could use size 23.5 or size 24. However, all my old boots are size 23. I have the scarpa tx pro tele boot (unisex) and the salomon idol 8 (women's) in 23, and they both fit me well. Is it possible that the people in the store are wrong, and that i should get the 23 instead? It would suck if I got a boot that is too big because of bad boot fitters. I haven't tried this boot in size 23, but I tried several dynafit boots in 23, and they all felt incredibly small. I measured my foot to be 23.5 cm long.
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how was the shell fit of the boot that you tried on?   That is really the key measurement.


in MOST brands the .0 and the .5 are the same anyways.  I thinkScarpa is the .5 and the .0 are the same, but either way, the shell fit is the key thing

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Scarpa breaks at whole numbers, so 23 and 23.5 have different shells. They didn't check the shell size, so I guess I'll go and check it myself this week. When you measure the length of people's feet on the foot length measure thing, do you usually go for the length of the foot, or do you size down?
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You don't do either, you do a shell fit.



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So it's pretty hard checking it with my fingers, but I was able to put two fingers down there, measuring 1.8 cm, and I was not able to put 3 fingers down there, measuring around 2.8. I compared it to my other ski boots, and had the same case there. My tele boots from the same company (scarpa) are size 23, and I have not been able to ski them with custom footbeds because they have been too small, not even after 3 seasons in the same boot.

So anything else I can do to decide the right size?

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It is difficult to use fingers and since yours and mine are different not particularly accurate.


Touring boots are difficult to fit because most everyone wants more toe room than typical for an alpine boot and then perhaps accepts a little slippage.  Perhaps the volume of your foot makes it more than a little slippage.


As a start why not take your orthotics make to whoever made them, have them thinned down and perhaps narrowed until they properly fit your boots then see what happens with a 23.


Properly fit custom foot orthotics should not really take substantially more room than the footbeds which Scarpa supplies.



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