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I am having issues with just my right ski when making left turns especially on steeper terrain.  The ski shakes alot and is most noticeable on my narrower waisted (70mm) rather than my wider waisted (80mm) skis--but it still does occur with the wider ski.  I just added heel lifts inside my boots to see how that would act to get me more forward.  When I tried the lifts, the shaking was even more pronounced with the wide waisted skis and it felt like the right ski did not feel grounded when running the skis flat straight down the mountain on green terrain --the right ski was even shaking side to side while running the skis flat.


I had purchased new Lange boots, had new Instaprint orthotics made, and had boot sole planing done (3 degrees heavy on the outside on each boot---this is alot but I tested on the mountain with numerous shim thicknesses and this felt the best for control and equal turning in both directions)---prior to the boot sole planing, I was riding totally on my inside edges in a slight wedge. The bootfitter was aware that my old boots did have the boot sole lifts (5mm) under the left boot but wanted me to ski with the new boots for a time without adding the boot sole lift.


On my prior ski boots, I had boot sole lifts only placed under my left boot since one of the bootfitters I had worked with in the past said it appeared like I had a leg length discrepancy (for whatever reason--possibly muscles tighter in one leg than the other--I don't have any limping/walking issues so I don't think the actual bones are shorter but I did not have any x-rays or mri to verify). No other modifications were done on the old boots (ie. planing)---and I had difficulty making turns and I was skiing on the inside edges of both skis--the lift did help make turning easier but there were still issues.


Due to the side to side shaking of the right ski and the fact that the right ski seems like it is not grounded (evenly weighted), is it possible that I do need the boot sole lift under the left ski boot?  If so, I was going to ask one of the ski shops if they had some demo skis with regular bindings on which they would be willing to put some lifts under just one ski for me to try out and see if the shaking stopped (prior to having this done to my boots).  Any thoughts?  Anything that I should try to try to figure out what is wrong?