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Shin Splints

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Here's the scoop. After getting in only 6 days this season, my shin splints are starting to act up again. I first started noticing pain last year and quickly replaced my boots with a newer, less stiff option (Rossi Race 1). The new boot was fitted at a very reputable boot fitter, SureFoot in Park City, and was very expensive (footbeds the whole deal), and time consuming (3+ hours). Initially I thought that it was the stiff boot that was causing the problem, now however, I have learned that it is just a common ski injury. Is this a bunch of crap? I am in pretty good shape, and have no prior history of shin splints. How do I get rid of this annoyance? Do I go back to the bootfitter, work out more, or what? I'm starting to walk funny and it hurts to flex my boots when I ski.
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I seem to recall that one of my sportsmed books says that this is common with racing boots. Being a non racer, i will not pretend to understand why.
Here are some of the causes of shin splints:

Weak Lateral Hip Rotators : lateral hip rotators prevent excessive internal rotaion. If they are not strong enough, over pronation occurs, causing strain on the muscles around the shin

Tight gastrocnemius or soleous: can also also cause over pronation.

Aerobic instructors sometimes get shin splints from excessive jumping. In this case, the shin splint is actually a mini stress fracture.
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had shin splints when i ran, years ago. Very Painful. from pounding miles upon miles on asphalt. in my experience, it was letting time take care of 'em, frustrating but necessary. i'm a LITTLE surprised you'd get these from skiing but what do i know? i'd wonder if it isn't boot-related.
if it's splints, they'll be hangin' around with ya for a bit.

a thing

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Thanks for the advise guys. I am going back to the boot fitter sometime soon. Also, if this keeps up, I'm at the doctor.
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