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What are some narrow lasted boots for women?

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Please bear with me.  I am neither expecting an online fit nor planning to foolishly purchase a boot online.  I am currently skiing a boot that is too big, fitted by a local boot fitter with an excellent reputation, who refuses to admit that the boots are too big.  He blames my "overly" mobile feet and keeps adding padding. The result is a Dalbello Kryzma 25.5 which is sloppy.  I ski out of the heel cup and when I tighten down on the buckles have excruciating foot pain.  This is enough of a problem, that I actually stopped mid run last week in Utah, released my skis, took off my boots and put them back on to reseat the heel in the cup.


I am about to start over with a new fitter who used to work at Footloose in Mammoth, is also highly recommended, and a pedorthist.  However, like someone coming out of a relationship with a cheater, I am having trust issues.  I just want to be sure that the boots the new guys is pulling for me to try are in the right ballpark.


Question:  What are some narrow lasted boots for women?


I don't know my arch measurement, but I have been told that I do not have a high instep.


Left Foot stats:  249 mm with a 91 mm width

Right Foot stats: 245 mm with 93 mm width


I also have slender heels, ankles, and calves.


I am an advanced skier who likes performance, steeps, speed but avoids bumps at this point in my middle aged life.  I ski off piste when conditions are good and when traveling to a big mountain.  The majority of my skiing is in SoCal and (sigh!) on groomers.


If I walked into your shop, what boots would you pull off the shelf for me to try?  Like I said, I'm not asking for the one "right" boot.  I just want to make sure the new fitter is in the right ball park and not just selling me what he has in stock.  If need be, I can make it through this season and start with next year's stock.

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just about every company makes a narrow option,  The kyrpton you are in is 99-100mm, so not that narrow?    and sounds like might be on the big (not just wide) side of things, with a 24.5/24.9 foot in a 25 shell.


Also, dont be obsessed about a "womans" boot,  boots are NOT sexed, you just need a narrow boot, so look for that.


it also might be a "race" boot that fits you well,   again, DONT PANIC,   race just means narrow (what you wanted)


even a Jr race boot (Jr means soft) might work well for you,




so any boot that is 95ish mm, will be a good bet to start with,   if its too stiff it can be made softer, and if its too narrow somewhere it can be made wider if needed.

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I went for a 2nd opinion today with a new boot fitter  -formerly of Footloose in Mammoth.  He agreed that the Krysma/Chakra shell is a good shape for me, but that I need to go down 1 size.  I tried on the Chakra (Lady Trufit liners) and did not like the heel hold at all and the boot felt way too soft for me.  He recommended that I buy Kryzmas online in the 24.5 and come back to have the liners heat molded.  This particular shop had little to no women's boots and nothing in a race model at all. He comes highly recommended but the shop ... not so much.  He also took out my heel lifts and told me that there was nothing wrong with my ankle flexion!  At this point, I'm going to keep skiing my "too big" boots until my spring trip to Mammoth. It's really only a few Sat/Sun half days with the weather we've been having. Footloose demos boots and I am hoping to try out some race boots to see how they feel.  I've never skied a race boot before.


Thanks for responding.  I know it's not really the purpose of "ask the boot guys" to recommend gear.

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