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Which fat for a lightweight?

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Which fat ski would you recommend for a lightweight skier (5'6" 140lbs)? I'm going to be checking out the upcoming ski swaps looking for some deals on fats. What I'm looking for is something to use on big pow days up at Whistler.

The only one I've tried is the BanditXXX. Very sweet!
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According to the Ski Magazine website (www.skimag.com) their 2001-2002 article on Fat skis listed Atomic 10.ex in two new short length's (168 & 177) in addition to the three previous longer lengths as per last year. Several posts to the Barking Bear Forums have also mentioned this fact. I have not tried to verify this for sure though. If true, I'm sure that these short lengths will be in short supply.

If you can get one of these shorter length 10.ex's. and want to spend the cash, then this is your ski. It is the ligthest fat ski out and it is my favorite of all the fat skis that I have skied, which is a number of them.

Just my thoughts.
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Check out the 165 AK Launcher. Super fun, snappy all mountain ski. The Salomon Pocket Rocket is also way fun, and has a turned up tail, which is very cool. You will probably not see too many fats at ski swaps, especially, not ones short enough. Last season, the K2 AK was about the only one available below 178. If you can't find anything, I have a pair of Olin Outer Limits in a 165 (same ski as K2 AK) that I might sell.
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If you can find some decent Volant Chubbs, which do turn up at ski swaps, grab them (in an appropriate length) Look them over to make sure they are in decent shape like you would any ski. The Chubbs are soft in legth, yet torsionally stiff. A great powder ski, yet good enough all-round for the Volant Manufacturer's Cup team to win on in a racecourse (against the other teams on flagship race skis.) Though it is not as wide as some of the newer fats, I could never say enough good things about the Chubb when I skied Volant. The Machete is a more recent model that is good too, but it is more of a mid-fat than the Chubb even.
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I ski on 190cm Chubbs (new style) as my everyday ski. They come in 170/180/190cm versions, and are generally a highly rated fat ski (by many sources). I also have the older (straight) style, which is a better powder ski, but gets really floppy on hardpack. The new style is basically the same shape as the Ti Chubb. At any rate, if you find one of the shaped Chubbs for a good price, you might want to snap them up.

Conditions at Alyeska are variable (base elevation of around 250' above sea level), and the Chubb seemed to handle most of them. I also loved the Bandit XXX, but towards the end of the day (when I get sloppy) it started to beat me up a little. The XXX had a snappy rebound (for a fat ski) that was fun in places, but I liked the smoother, predictable ride of the Chubb. Personal preference.

Right now there are plenty of fat skis out there that have good performance on the groomed and can be used in some areas as a primary ski (the Chubb, XXX, and 10ex come to mind). Unless you plan on doing nothing but powder, I'd avoid a "pure" powder ski (i.e. Atomic Powder Ride) and look for something that is more versatile.

If you can't find a screaming deal on a good powder ski, I suggest you rent or demo on powder days to narrow your search. Then rent or demo those same skis on a less than epic day and see what holds up. Also, check out what everyone else is skiing and try to find out why. Sometimes it's more than just fashion.
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I will vote for the Volant Chubbs.
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I've seen some Atomic 10Ex demos in a 184cm for about $350-400. I'm worried that 184 may be a bit too much ski for my height/weight though. We'll see what turns up at the Whistler ski swap this weekend.
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Wizard, Comor have some new 2000-2001 10.ex's going on sale this Friday.
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You should try out the Fischer Big Stix too - looks like they've got several different versions out, but they're an affordable ski, and shouldn't be too stiff for you.

Volkl, like K2, always makes good skis, so personally I'd try out the Explosive if you're looking for something to last you a few years. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Something else to think about, if you're not the heaviest skier around; sometimes, depending on how good a skier you are, it's the ski's weight, not your weight, that makes the difference in how easily you manoeuver it. I've only found this to be an issue with race skis, but something to keep in mind...
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I am also 140 lbs and really love my K2 AK Launchers which are 180's. In the super deep Alaska stuff I can turn super tight or cruise and keep up with the snowboarders. And when it is windblown I just float on top with no edge catching. It is even decent for the packed slopes. Just don't venture into the big bumps, ouch!

The other smaller skiers are also on the 180's and I have never seen anyone on the 165's. K2 certainly has a gap in the sizing but they chose to use the molds from the Big Kahuna which didn't have a size in the 170's.

Pray that Whistler has a better ski year than last.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Skier:
Wizard, Comor have some new 2000-2001 10.ex's going on sale this Friday.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yep... I had a look today. Only $499 Cdn (that's $312 US) for brand spanking new 2001 10Ex's, what a sweet deal! The shortest length they come in is 184cm though. They sure looked like an aweful lot of ski when standing them up against me at 5'6". Too bad I couldn't demo them to see if the length is too much or not.

I'm off to Whistler for their Turkey Ski sale tomorrow. We'll see what turns up [img]smile.gif[/img]
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