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Would like to buy a pair of new or used all-mountain skis soon, and...

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...Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Purpose of new skis:  New skis are for developing on moguls, trees, and sidecountry (but not far out)

Height/weight:  5'8" / 150(+/-5) lbs

Current quiver:  FIS-GS 180s, FiS-SL165s and SX 170s (primarily on groomers and occasionally on gates)

Skis owned before:  Long black Olins (25 yrs ago), various (non) FIS race skis and FX94 166s

Skill level:  I can't carve black diamonds yet and got some ways to go on bumps

Frequency:  Ski every winter weekend when possible

Home mountain:  Mammoth/Snow Summit


I'm listing several skis that are (or were) on my radar...let me know any other skis to consider.

- SR88 177s (demoed):  I loved their flex/rocker/dampness/smoothness.

- MX88 168s (demoed):  Too stiff/short.

- MX83 173s (demoed):  Didn't see fit.

- VXL 180s (demoed):  Felt too long for full-cambered.

- Matra/Kendo:  Seem too stiff for what I'm looking for.

- Rev 85 177s:  I'm hearing they are frontside biased, but will demo them.

- E88:  Maybe on the stiff side based on what I'm reading, but will demo them. I'm sure whether to go with 172 or 180 cm.

- Bushwacker 180s:  Definitely on my demo list.

- Brahma 180s:  Maybe too stiff for me but on my list.

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Added to the list:
-SR95 174s (demoed): Enjoyed but not as much as the SR88. Felt a tad too short and wide.
- FX84 176s: on my demo list

The problem is, for the last two yrs in my home mountains, mogul trails have been N/A and there have been few opportunities to go sidecountry w/o getting ski bases banged up...
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At 5' 8" 150, some of your length choices are on the long side, especially if you are trying to work on your bump skiing. For example, if you're going to demo Brahmas, try the 173, not just the 180. IMHO length suggestions here tend to run long. Dawg, to pick on one person, is a great reviewer, but when it comes to length you gotta take into account his age, fitness level, athleticism, and terrain. Very very few of us are putting that much energy into a ski. Therefore it pays to be thoughtful about modeling ski lengths on what others our size are skiing.
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P.S., Just buy my LX 92s @174cm and be done with it. smile.gif Think of them as a half season demo.
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Yeah I thought about Bushwacker/Brahma 173 vs 180. The guy at my store who saw me skiing suggested I demo the Brahma in 180 cm...With tip/tail rocker, 173 may be too short. I don't know. I guess I need to demo both.

I saw your ad. Very tempting but I personally don't see the point of having really wide skis, anything >90mm. Maybe I'm still living in the 80's or haven't had really good snow days...

Demoing and researching is all good and fun but it's challenging here in CA when there hasn't been good snow coverage for so long and I dont have the luxury to follow storms.

EDIT: My comnent on >90 mm above is from the perspective of my weight/heigt. Actually I do see a point in having wide powder skis from my experience at Grand Targhee last year on the FX94, which just didn't have enough float.
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Came across a few of your posts on the FX84. Do you mind sharing your experience with the FX84 and why did you decide to go wider? Thx
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(Added to the list)

- Motive 86 175cm: stiffer more groomer based

- Ranger 88 176cm:  softer, more of all-mountain than Motive


(I'm on a mission to set a record for the longest self posted thread in the history of Epicski :))

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