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Whitefish Mountain Resort, Jan 29 to Feb 1

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Started the trip to Whitefish at the Everett Train Station in Everett, Washington. Wasn't terribly happy with the train station - apparently it is also the Greyhound bus stop as well as home to many social services and it seemed like a lot of people were "hanging out". The train was on time and it was uneventful traveling to Whitefish. Crowd on the train was fine. Most seemed to be going to Wenatchee and the train was pretty empty going to Whitefish.


Arrived in Whitefish at 7:26 AM right on schedule. Head to the hosts home for a little while and then headed with the host up to the mountain. Had a good day of skiing on Thursday. A little cloudy in the morning and then turned to 100% visibility. Groomer day - everything off piste appeared to be rock hard. Groomers did their best the night before but it looked a bit challenging because I don't think the temperatures got cold enough to setup well.

Skiied the major runs on the front side (Inspiration, Big Ravine, Toni Matt, Moe Momentum aka North Bowl). Did pop over to the backside to try some on Chair 7, as well as had to try out the new Flower Point Chair (aka Chair 11) and T-Bar 2 since it was running. Forgotten how challenging the T-bar was and wasn't sure I enjoyed riding up on the t-bar very well although I'm sure I'd get used to it over time.


Started to get a bit tired from lack of sleep the night before about halfway through the day and caught myself dozing off on the chair on the ride up. Not good. Called it a day at 3:30.


Fun day overall.

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Day 2, Friday:


Fun, fun, fun day. Clear skies from the first chair. Inversion day and looked at the valley folk below suffering under the thick layer of clouds. Groomers did much better because of colder temperatures and everything was skiing fast and firm. Did lap after lap after lap on the front side, same runs as before. Did venture to the backside a couple times to try out the backside but nothing terribly great there so returned to the front side to log more laps on the favorite runs there.

Snow skied well all day, but got a little soft on the lower part of the mountain about 2pm or so. I had no complaints but my host was less than pleased, and we retired to do a few laps on the north bowl aka moe mentum.


Lines started out non-existant and then got longer and longer as the day wore on. Last chair at 3:50 had pretty impressive lines for being the last chair - nobody wanted to quite during times of 100% visibility.


Logged 42,000 vertical feet. Fun, fun day. Really glad I came to enjoy the nice weather and fast runs! 

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I hear that Hellroaring has reopened, but unless it warms, can't imagine it being very skiable.
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Looking for more? Personally, I had a GREAT day today.
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Did you get some snow ?  What are the conditions ?

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Had maybe an inch when I left. Supposed to get another inch or two tonight, more tomorrow, more Tuesday. Back to our normal pattern of small regular amounts. Off piste needs about six inches to be bearable.

The worry is that towards the end of next week it says rain/snow.
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Thanks, Lookout Pass rain Fri Sat and Sun.   Triple ugh !

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The two inches here was dense, producing amazingly good coverage considering how little it was. Added bonus, everyone left due to the fog. I stayed, got empty trails, empty chairs, etc. Win for me. It has started snowing again.
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Just looked at the forecast. You should have driven over today. Snow tonight, rain on Friday. I normally take off Wednesday, may have to reevaluate.
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Getting back to the trip report:


Day 3 was a day off from skiing. Went on a short hike in the snow up in Glacier National Park.

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Day 4 was a good day. The cold temperatures allowed the groomers to groom to perfection and the snow was firm and fast. Got lots of laps in on the favorite front side runs. Didn't try the backside, off piste, or Hellroaring Basin.


Crowds were missing from the mountain due to the Superbowl and lines were non-existent. Some fog up top but nothing that was terribly bad.


My body is clearly not used to cold weather though. I just about froze in the 15 - 18 degree weather. Took a lunch break and then a post lunch warmup break. I wore 4 layers on top but still my core got chilled from the cold. Clearly I need to invest in some warmer gear.


Another great day on the mountain. Good Superbowl game until the last minute of play.

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Day 4:

Good day on Whitefish Mountain. Warmer temperatures allowed me to stay warm all day. A couple inches of new snow on top of the groomers made for some great cheater powder early in the morning and then fast groomers during the day. Main problem was dense fog up top made skiing challenging. After 3 really good days of skiing, decided to call it a half day.

Enjoyed my time skiing Big Mountain immensely. Would love to live here year around if I could afford it and find some type of work that would keep me gainfully employed. My field is mechanical engineering, if anyone hears of an opportunity, please shoot me a direct message.


Now for a non-skiing minor issue. Amtrak train is running 4 hours late. No big deal in and of itself. However, my very pregnant wife, was just told to report to the hospital. She isn't due yet but they want to monitor her. I'm really hoping baby will wait until my return around noon tomorrow! This is one time that I really wish the Amtrak train wasn't running late!

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