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Impressed and curious

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I have been very impressed with the posts in this forum (specifically Lisamarie). I want to participate in a more active way but I have been somewhat intimidated by the expertise.

I am interested in the specific workouts and exercises that different people do. I enjoy a diverse range of exercises to choose from. My training objective is: to be in good physical condition in order to enjoy any recreational activity that I choose to participate in.

For the record: I am 39 and as active as I can be within the parameters of family and career responsibilities. My primary activities are skiing, mt biking, road cycling. I just started cycling last spring. I consider myself of average athletic ability.

Here is an example of a workout that I did last Friday. (I don't know a lot of the names of the exercises that I do)

Objective: ski specific explosive core strength

Warm up: Stretching
Core exercises: sets of 20
lower abs(leg extension & raises)
upper abs(variety of crunches)
med. ball(over/under)
med. ball(sit 1/2 twist)
med. ball(stand full twist)

Snatch (from blocks): 5 x 5
Overhead Squats (immediately following last snatch of each set): 5 x 3
Underhand jump med. ball toss (no more than 30 seconds after each snatch set): 5 x 5
Pushups (hands on suspended rings just off floor, feet on large exercise ball. squeeze hands together): 4 x 8
Pullups (2 large diameter ropes): 4 x 8
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While I am very flattered [img]redface.gif[/img], I hope no one ever feels intimidated by me!
You are actually doing some excellent stuff! Medicine Ball training is great for strength, balance, cardio, agility, spontaneity and visual acuity!
Watch out, or I may try to talk you into becoming a trainer!
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I forgot to add

single leg squats or lunge(other foot lightly resting on block in the rear): 4 x 8 each leg
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