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This is easy. Yesterday, my 93-year old mom completely shocked me, saying that one of her big regrets in life is that she never learned to ski. We kibitzed that she could fly out to Colorado and I'd teach her now.  So, since this is total fantasy, I'd go back to Apple Hill, PA with my mom, circa 1966, and we'd both take ski lessons rather than her taking me and just watching.

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Probably Telluride with my wife as she has never been and I'd love to show her some of those things high in nostalgia for me: where I learned to ski, the San Juans, the spot on Misty Maiden where I fell in love with skiing, and grabbing a few rays while enjoying a beer on the deck of Goronno Ranch.


If I can't get to Telluride, then Snowbasin (also with my wife).

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Tuckerman's Ravine, Mt Washington; with my brothers.

I would learn and practice telemark style and get that equipment for my last blast.

Camping and hiking old school: Fine dining in the woods: Adirondack stew & Vermont cheddar cheese and fresh bread. Molsons.

I would sign off by taking skiing back to it's roots.


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I think I'd pick the Monterosa area for my last trip. I'd stay in Champoluc, but I'd spend most of the time skiing in Alagna. I'd hire an off-piste guide for all three days and maybe do the heliskiing trip where they drop you off on the Matterhorn and you make your way back to Champoluc.


As for my companion, if I'm feeling nice, I'd say my brother; if I'm feeling selfish, then I'd say the Swedish ski instructor I met a couple of years ago. She was lovely. :)

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Last ski trip evar :eek  Tough call.  I have seen the most amazing TR's at Whistler (Mt Decker area) and Chamonix.  One of those for sure.  And ski buddy?? I better say my skiing sister from a different mother, Debi although her friend Marie is the funniest person around and a great skier.


Something like this would be a nice way to wrap it up:  http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/285927-Blackcomb-Cham-Vista-Decker-9th-Hole?highlight=Mt+Decker%2C+B.C.

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Gotta go with St. Anton / Lech / Zurs - the Arlberg region.  Favorite place I've skied - the whole package deal.

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I would pick snowbasin. I don't have much experience at other resorts but if your not having fun at snowbasin, your doing somthing wrong. I would go with my two best ski friends as we have skied through everything together (get it?). I would also take my Dad.
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if it's assumed that conditions will be good it's a tossup for me. I have had equally great times at Squaw, Kirkwood and Alta as far as western resorts go. IF I am stuck home in the east, then it would be Sugarloaf. The loaf can rival some western resorts when they are 100% open and have a good natural snow pack.I love the vibe at Kirkwood, Alta and the Loaf. Love the whole Ski scene and the terrain at Squaw.

I'd be happy at at any of these locations. I'd go with the wife and kids and a handful of my regular ski buddies.

If i could go some place I have never been, then it would probably be Fernie BC in Canada and Verbier Switzerland.

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Chamonix with one day on the Vallee Blanche, maybe two of three smile.gif.
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SnowBasin with my Grandson who is almost 5 and never skied. We would fix that issue. 

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Lake Louise. You don't have to actually ski there to be awed by its beauty. I'd bring @Phlox. There was a time I would have said my daughter, but we no longer share the same tastes in ski terrain.

Originally Posted by Phlox View Post

Since I've got to pick from places I've skied previously, I'd pick Whitefish. I'm bringing @sibhusky, because her feet get cold at approximately the same rate as mine. Whitefish edges out Bachelor and Whistler because it's less crowded and there is decent beer. If I could bring Dad out of ski retirement, sibhusky would have some competition.

So, didn't remember answering this thread over a year ago, but clearly WHO I'd ski with is covered. And really, as I think back over 40 years of skiing, the all time greatest days have been here during the LA Niña years. And @Phlox's adventure quotient is roughly equal to mine. With another La Niña on the way, I'm hoping she's not breaking her foot again before she gets here!!!
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Powder Mountain.


I would make the trip with my wife, but ski alone.

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There're so many places I want to go back to, I have a hard time to pick one for potentially the best. It all depends on condition. 


But assuming condition is good, I'd pick St Moritz. There's a bunch of gorgeous off-piste off the back side of the resort that looks really easy to follow. They goes on and on and on like forever! If it's going to be my last trip, the hell with avalanche problem, right? ;-)


I would go with my ski buddy Diane. We have similar preference in terrain. And she's well versed in BC so the risk is actually going to be rather tiny. 

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