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So my K2 press skis are getting old and banged up and should be replaced soon, just wondering what you guys would recommend for replacements. #1 is that they need to be twin tips


I live in Minnesota so around here its mostly hard pack/groomed I'm skiing with occasional trips up north finding some runs with powder and out west. I'd like for the skis to be good in powder, don't want a lot of camber as though I do like carving, getting the best experience out of powder when I can is more important. Being a good park ski is also important.


I've been happy with the press skis for what they do, but they are a flat ski so performance outside jibbing isn't the best, but like I said, on piste isn't terribly important and they've been find in shallow powder.


What I need out of my skis:


-competent on piste, more geared towards powder

-cheaper is better, not afraid to get skis that are a couple seasons old


Things I like from my press:



-alright in light powder


I'd be happy going with press skis again, but are there other ski options within a reasonable price that offer maybe better performance on piste or powder without compromising the ease the press are in the park.