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ACL Injury-can you ski?

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friend has torn(MRI confirmed) ACL two weeks ago...not any pain but has buckled once...will have surgery in few weeks(ACL completly torn I might add)...we are scheduled to ski with a group next week..has one day experience in Wisconsin but going to Breck....does my buddy have any chance of skiing at all?? he cannot get his money back on this trip... anyone with experience in this..
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Big comfy sofa, cable, buckets of ice and the reggae ski team formula.

Forget it, fix it and we see you next season.

You only have two knees and winter always comes around.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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(edit, thought it was an Achilles tear, which you can ski with, if you can stand the pain of getting the boot on).

ACL? Forget it. Why risk permanent damage (including regular walking)? He has years of skiing left, don't risk it for a vacation. They'll be other vacations.

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I blew my ACL (completely) and MCL last year and had the surgery on April 10th. Luckily, I haven't had any significant pain and have just hit day 10 for this season. I would STRONGLY advise your friend not to ski. The more you ski or do other exercise on a blown ACL, particularly that soon after the injury, the greater your risk of damaging cartlidge and tearing other ligaments. If he's young (30s) and active in sports, he's gonna have to have it surgically repaired.
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Powderpuffboy: First I would suggest that you pass to protect your leg, until surgery is complete.

However, here is another option to consider. You could learn to 3-track, ie two outriggers and one ski. Breck is the perfect place to try this out. BOEC,(Breckenridge Outdoor Educational Center) is one of the best adaptive ski learning centers in the nation. On top of it the folks are great.

Call first to be sure they will rent you the outriggers for the week and give them a run-down on your injury, so they can decide if they will take you with such a new injury. I would suggest that you get a letter from your MD or surgeon approving of your skiing, to present to BOEC or you may be out of luck.

If it all works out I would suggest that you and your ski group consider making a Monetary donation to BOEC, since they live on donations as a non-profit recreational organization. Most of the instructors are volunteers-Like me at Loon Mt. NH. I'm the Tech Director and on the Adaptive Educational Staff of PSIA-EAST. At any rate Good Luck. Happy Trails.


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Terrapin: You don't want to ski on a torn Achilles either. It's weakened. Next tear might become a total. Don't ask me how I know that it's half a year to recover from the surgical reattachment and it's several years to regain anything close to normal flexing if your age upon injury is "mature".
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I think you can ski if you get a brace to protect your knee...

Talk to your doc (your friend should) and see if he'll prescribe a brace. Bregg seems to be one of the best, but there are many others that will protect your friend's knee.

I know several other people who have no acl in either knee and they ski...

Good luck either way...
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Most definetly I would not ski that soon after an ACL tear. I would say however I know multiple people who ski without ACL's one of whom is a Doctor who runs a clinic at a mountain out west (I can't remember which one). Good luck to your friend
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