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Heel height question

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My cheater gs skis don't feel right, and it is largely due to the fact that my new slaloms feels so good.  So now the details....I feel like the slaloms have the rear binding height a bit higher, causing some more forward lean.  I can really feel it when I am just standing still on them.  I naturally feel more forward.  The opposite is true with the GS.  The GS is a fischer worldcup rc4, the slaloms are rossignol hero st ti.  When skiing the gs, I am definitely working very hard to pressure the tips.  Very easy with the slaloms, granted they are shorter.  Am I high, or am I onto something?  Pete

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Its probably the 20+cm difference. It could be ramp angle though.
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My Dalbello's have adjustable ramp angles. Took me a 3 or 4 attempts to dial them in, but what a difference different ramp angles have.
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I just put my geek on and grabbed some calipers.  Actually the gs ski has about 3.5mm of ramp while the slalom has 3mm.  The opposite of what I thought I was feeling.  Same boots, so not sure what causes the sensation other than they are just completely different skis.  Guess I just have to learn how to ski them right.  Could it be the different stiffness in the ski that I am picking up on?  This has been driving me batty for the past couple of weeks.  Heck, I am getting as crazy as the rest of the folks on this site :)

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