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Lookout Conditions 2015

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Skied Lookout Wed Jan 28.    Wife and I skied Lookout and found on piste very hard, well groomed but hard.  Chair 1 face hard set crust - skied Montana Face and it was skiable but not too much fun, Frozen solid.  Chair 2 skied fine but bottom is hazards everywhere and have to be careful on the last pitch.  Chair 3 only skied Marmot and was groomed well but once again very solid.  Best run of the day was Hootowl, too bad it is so short.  Need some snow.   Other than the last pitch on backside the obstacles are covered.

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Snow on Sunday/Monday and more possible later in the week?

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Cross post since this is relevant to both areas: 


I am staying in Spokane for a few days next week before going up to Revelstoke. I plan to ski next Wednesday and Thursday at the local Spokane areas. 49, and Mt Spokane are both closed and out. Schweitzer only has the front side open and dirt patches clearly showing on the webcams, is more expensive even with discounted tickets and a bit further to drive so they are out. Silver and Lookout seem to have done considerably better this year with snow than any of those places so I had planned to ski both places. HOWEVER, both yesterday AND today Silver has had only lifts 1 and 2 open giving access to only 1 side of Kellogg Peak. That side of Kellogg Peak looks like it is only about the size of chair 1 on the front side of Lookout meaning that it is really small. 


Are running chairs 1 and 2 at Silver normal and can I expect that they will do that next week? If they do only run chairs 1 and 2 would I be better off just hitting Lookout two straight days or doing 1 day at each even though only a fraction of Silver will be open? BTW All but one trail are closed off chair 1 at Silver. I have been to both mountains 1 day. In the past.   


I do see that Silver will be closed on Wednesday so for sure I will going to Lookout that day. 


Should I ski both days at Lookout or 1 at each assuming Silver only has partial operations?  

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