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New Boots Needed

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after taking a break from skiing for almost 10 years I have returned to and re-qualified as an instructor. However in the 6 months I have been back teaching I have managed to wear the liners out in my old boots (a problem I have had before when I was teaching before I would wear a pair out each season) but this time with the gap between buying boots being so long I'm not sure if the manufacturer has changed the fit for what could be considered the new equivalent of my old boots and I am unable to find any details about the last for my old boots to do a comparison with also the local retailers don't carry the high end race type boots I am looking for, fortunately I do have access to some web based Pro deals through my qualifications. I am currently using a pair of Rossignol Power Race 9.1 Pro's so I was initially looking at the new Rossignol Hero World Cup SI 130 (last 97mm) and trying to decide if this would be a good fit for my foot, unfortunately my size is out of stock at the moment so I have also been looking at the Atomic Redster Pro 130 Boot (last 98mm) or the Salomon X-Lab 130 or 110 (last 95mm) as alternatives as you can see they appear to be very similar in width but any help and advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I should Probably add that when I got my old boots I had them professionally fitted and they where the correct shape and fit for my feet

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not sure where you are but there must be a shop somewhere close by that stocks upper end models, and if they don't carry the specific models you are looking for should be able to find something of the same shell shape even if the flex is too soft to give you an idea about fit


finding a boot fitter will be the best step, all the models you have mentioned are quite different in fit, the old Rossi that you have is not really close to the shape of any of the boots on the market these days so some input from your fitter is going to be crucial if you are unable to try things on.


let us know your location and someone will be able to point you in the direction of a fitter who can help you

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Im based in the north east of England my 3 local retailers are LD Mountain Center Newcastle Reynolds outdoors in Sunderland and Snow & Rock also Newcastle there is also a specialist boot fitter based near bye but he does not sell boots only adapts them sa per the customers requirements thinking snow and rock would be my best bet to try the fit as they have softer versions of the Atomics and Salomons I was looking at as well as some all mountain Rossi's 

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first thing, call Keith (the specialist fitter you mention) tell him the issues, then get him to measure you up and give you some recommendations, be up front with him and tell him you can get the pro deal (i think he has a Lange account so can order their pro deal direct if he knows what will fit, the rossi race boot and the Lange are the same boot different colour)  if you need to try stuff for fit before ordering a stiffer version just say to the shop that you are not buying, explain why and avoid Saturday (especially this Saturday, the last one before the 1/2 term holidays (think i have turned away 6 people who have called today looking for an appointment before next weekend)


Keith has the tools and the skills to fit the boot, you just have to work with him to get the right starting point


good luck and say hi to him from me!

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