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Vail Lodging Advice 2/11-16

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If this post reeks of desperation, that's because I am desperate.  After months of trying to get a surgery appointment, my son finally got scheduled for surgery at the Steadman Clinic in Vail on February 12, and the surgical protocol requires him to be nearby for the 5 days following the surgery for rehab and P/T. So, he and my wife need to find a place to stay in the Vail area February 11-16.  As you might expect, with the World Championships in BC going on at the same time, lodging pickings are very slim (and very expensive, and not covered by insurance!). The patient will be essentially immobile for that period, so a ground floor place, or one that is elevator-accessible, is preferred.  Any thoughts/recommendations?  TIA.

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It looks like there are VRBOs available, and it's worth checking Airbnb too. As for hotels, I just read this yesterday--it mentions a few available, but expensive, rooms.

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