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Concave Solomon 24 hr. !!

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I recently purchased a new set of Solomon 24 and found that they are concave in the shovel and tail areas!  This is a major pain when waxing, and I assumed it was a screw up from the factory.  Perhaps they ground the bases too soon without a sufficient time curing..

I had them ground a bit, but didn't want to sacrifice too much from the edges and base.  Still a lot of concave in both shovel and tail.

Decided to give customer service a call and was told that it was intentional... supposed to be like that!

Anyone know anything about this?  I can't come up with a rational that would support this as a designed feature.  The issues with waxing alone would seem to be a deal killer for this approach.  Drip wax along the length of the ski in the normal manner, then run the iron along the base and it doesn't melt the wax in the low areas.  You have to run the iron from side to side to get it to flow out, then there is the challenge of scraping...

I like the skis otherwise, but don't know if I should grind them all the way flat or just deal with the waxing and tuning issues..

Any thoughts?


I had this posted on a different forum then found this one and realized it should be here!

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That's not uncommon and most likely not a big deal, because the ski will perform just fine so long as the outer edge of the base--the strip adjacent to the metal edge--is flat. IMO, base grind for perfect flatness in the tips and tails would be nuts if the concavity isn't really severe and the edges of the base are flat. When new both of my skis were a little concave in the tips and tails. The concavity didn't extend to the edges of the skis, though; maybe 8-10mm adjacent to each edge was flat. One pair has now been ground a few times and the concavity is almost gone; the other still has them because it's only been ground once. All the grinds were for other problems, not tip/tail shape.

I don't find it a hardship to wax or scrape. I just make two passes with the iron in those areas, one pass down one half of the ski and the second pass down the other. Scraping is similar--either I use a thinner scraper and gently bend it enough to reach the whole curve of the base, or I use the rounded corner of a scraper to reach it.

Bottom line: don't worry about it. Adjust your waxing and scraping accordingly, and enjoy the new skis!
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Thanks for the reply.  The technique you mention is basically what I am doing.  The concavity is pretty severe and originally extend to the edges, they also had an extreme amount of base-edge bevel.  Edge hold was not great.  I had them run across a sander to get a bit of base flat near the edges and put .5 degree bevel on the edges.  They ski quite nice now.  My real question is, was this really a design feature?  I just find that hard to believe..

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Glad you figured out the base bevel; sounds like a screwed up tune, and we've got an entire thread on manufacturer tunes, so I'll leave it at that.

I've heard some attempts at justifying concave tips and tails, including that a railed base helps to engage the tips and tails (???), but I'm not convinced; I'm going with sloppy tuning or uncured bases or something like that.
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Atomicman ione time actually had an explanation and warning on their website back in the day of the Beta series not to grind the concavity out. 


That it was in fact a design feature. 

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Originally Posted by Atomicman View Post

Atomicman ione time actually had an explanation and warning on their website back in the day of the Beta series not to grind the concavity out. 


That it was in fact a design feature. 

Ok, I'll try to refrain from grinding it out.  A real stupid design feature though. 

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