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Tecnica Mach 1 90 Flex

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Background: I'm 6'1" 215 lbs. 29 years old. Former recreational and high school racer.Advanced but not expert (what the hell is an expert anyway?)

Recently I went to a local ski shop to pick up a pair of boots and skis. After talking with the shop workers I ended up with a pair of Tecnica Mach 1 90 Flex. I must say the boots are extremely comfortable, but after reading a bunch of threads on Epic it seems like I should be in at least a 110. On a related note, the shop also put me in some 180 in lieu of 187 Bonafides. I guess what I'm really asking is does my local shop seem to know what they're talking about based on my background? How would you have advised a similar customer based on only the information given?

Secondly, if I decided to spend some more money and become a gear whore, would you say I should sell the boots at a ski swap and get into a stiffer boot, or should I add a pair of skis to the quiver?

I'd love to hear any and all opinions.

P.S. Anyone going to be @ Vail/BC Feb 12-15th and want to grab a beer or make some turns
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I do not like to contradict what another shop has said or sold, since a third party never has ALL of the information. There could be plenty of reasons why you ended up in a 90 flex boot...


That being said, a 90 flex boot for a 6'1" 215 pound man in the prime of life? I'd say a slightly more robust boot is in order. Can you bring the boots back and swap into a stiffer boot? I don't understand why "sell them at a ski swap" is your only recourse here. Why wouldn't the shop work with you to get you into the right boot (if this really isn't the right boot)?


As for the ski, a 180cm bonafide will probably work great for you. You could ski a 187, sure, but it might not be better. I'd deal with the boots and not worry about the ski.

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Take the boots back to the shop.  This sounds like a case of sell what you have to me.  Skis could be fine.



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