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Full face helmet ?

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I've been snowboarding for a few years and I'm primarily a powder rider, I've taken a few smacks to the face and live in really windy blizzard conditions but hate to put on a buff or face mask, I've been considering getting a Ruroc full face helmet for a while but have a few worries about it, I've heard stories of people falling and the inside of the helmet getting filled with snow and ending up unable to breath, I've also heard that the face attachments could cause neck damage due to increased torque when you fall, are these things I've heard about the helmet likely to happen or should I invest in one ?
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I have not heard any of those stories. A bandana and goggles have worked fine for me.

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I think the neck damage thing is mostly for those one piece thing with extended chin guards, not ruroc type.

Still if you wear a ruroc how do you scratch your nose if you get an itch?
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