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Buying First Set of Gear

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Hey guys, been lurking the forums for a little reading around but still having trouble finding the right gear for me. Just got back into skiing this year after a few years and have been going 2-3 times a week.


I think the cost of rentals are adding up so I should just get a set of my own gear. I will mostly ski in the NE area. Also I am M, 21, 5'10, 155 pounds, intermediate skier. I mostly ski on green, blue, single diamond slopes. My budget for ski/binding and boots is under $800.


I am going to a local boot fitter this weekend to check out some boots but am curious about the skis as well. Should I buy skis at the same time or try the boots first? Any tips would be appreciated, first time buyer here! Thanks :)

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Originally Posted by xjjon View Post

My budget for ski/binding and boots is under $800.




You can't get decent skis with good bindings and decent boots for under $800 total.  My advice is buy a good pair of boots, demo skis for next two seasons while saving your money, then buy skis.

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Ask your boot guy if he has anything a season or two old. If they work for you that will cut the price a lot.

Then come here and look through the Market Place for skis. There are usually some pretty good deals there. If somebody takes pity on you, you might even get a killer deal.

As long as you don't have to have the newest and shiniest, you can do $800 and still have solid equipment.
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$800 should be do-able..  Get a good pair of boots properly fitted.. and then buy last years or the previous years new-old-stock..  most of the chain stores will be clearing out stuff right now to make room for summer gear.


I got decent boots and skis and bindings, along with a helmet and googles for under $500.. was it a good deal.. yup.. but anyone could have got the same deal.. just don't expect to get the best gear..


Don't skimp on boots.. most important part.  You're better off getting $700 boots and $100 used skis/bindings than $200 boot and a $500 ski/binding package.

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Ditto on the boots being the key part of the equation. Spend $400 to $600  on the correct boots. Make sure the shop that you buy from can do the adjustments as well for that price. Unless your feet are a disaster, that price is a reasonable one for a mid-range boot.


I don't have a wide base of experience by any means but I went ahead and spent the money on equipment this year. We plan to ski both New England and the West so I ended up with new Rossi Exp 88's (a good ski for Jay Peak) and Tecnica Mach 1 - 110 boots. I think together it was about $1050.00 but you could go with demo skiis or at least last years models and save a bit.


Boots first, delay your gratification on the skis if you have to.

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Appreciate the replies. I don't mind spending more money to get something that will be better for me. I will get good boots soon then and then skis will come after. Are there any specific skis you think I should demo? It is a little overwhelming since there are so many choices. Thanks for all the help.

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Besides old new stock (previous years models, but new), you can also save $ if you buy used.  Often requires patience and a fair amount of looking for the right item, but it can help the wallet.  

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Before going shopping for boots take a look at the "Ask The Boot Guys" forum.  At the very top there are 3 important articles you should read prior to shopping. In fact if time allows read all the relevant boot threads on that forum. These will give you an idea of what to look for in boots, what your boot fitter will/should be doing when fitting you.  Also one of the articles is a list of great "epicski" recommended boot fitters.  Visit one of them if there's anyone in your area (or within reasonable driving distance).  Also, tons of threads on epicski about recommendations for beginner/intermediate skis. Grab your favorite beverage, or a 6-pack thereof, and start reading (use the search function).  Then keep an eye on the "Market Place" forum, ebay, craigslist and your local ski shops in the spring - which unless your on the N-east coast or Colorado is probably about now :eek.  All the above worked for me within your budget.

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