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First time buyer. Questions..

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Hey guys, I've been reading here for a while and am ready to buy my own gear for the first time.  I have found perfect fitting fantastic boots so that battle has been won.  I have been to specialty ski shops and to the big box dealers and have talked to a lot of their people and gathered a lot of info.


I am 5'8 175lbs and I would say an intermediate skier.  


I ski once a year, usually blue mountain, but want to ski much more with my own gear.  I pretty comfortable on skis, however part of that is due to the fact I always ski short skis despite the advice of the pros.  


I favor control and turning ability over other attributes, as I feel I can generate enough speed on my own.  I do like to go fast though.  I enjoy the speed.  I ski greens and blue and some single blacks.


I can ski the double blacks but I am generally just managing my way down so it's like, once a day maybe.  Just to test myself.  Even on the single blacks and the steeps on the blues (don't laugh) I would say I reel in the speed and then turn it up when it flattens out a bit.  


I'm looking at a pair of Rossi's Experience 78.  The recommendation over and over is to go with the 166cms.  However I feel like would rather the 158 for the control (even shorter if I could find them!)  maybe it's mental.


I guess what I am saying is, I would appreciate any advice as to they type of ski that I should be looking to get, given my type of skiing and the the type of runs I would be going on predominantly (groomed mainly.  north east cost.)


And would also really appreciate any insight on those rossi's.  If those don't cut it for me, I am open to any suggestions (within monetary reason, I'm not breaking the bank on skis).


Thank you so much for reading my post, and I hope to get some insight.  

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If you favor control and turning ability on front side slopes, perhaps a longer slalom ski would provide both more control and smoother running than a shorter all mountain ski.


I have trouble understanding why people who do not ski all-mountain buy all-mountain skis...


Perhaps part of the equation is:  how do turn?  Do you carve your turns or slide them?   Slalom skis usually like to be carved but tuning has a lot to do with that...

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I see.  I would say my technique is not the soundest yet but am capable.  


And I tend to slide when I turn a bit.  Not the most technical carver by any means yet but want to get there.  When it flattens out is when I love to open it up and pass everyone.  

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