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Lisamarie - HELP!!!! - Knee Pain

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Hi LM,
I was out playing football (or soccer for those outside Europe) last night. Today I have a pain in my left knee - top, at the back. It is sore when I walk, but not too bad when I sit.
Any suggestions as to what I should do before Friday, when I go to Whistler, that will get it feeling better?

The best suggestion will win a drink at the Longhorn Saloon next week.
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Stewart -

not Lisamarie and cant even claim to be any kind of medical expert, but i am speaking from recent traumatic experience.

STAY OFF OF IT!!! even if it feels good, nver mind skiing. if it is weakened even a little bit, if you crash, even if you just softly fall, you could do permanent, serious damage. I fell, it hurt like that, but I went out the next weekend thinking it would be ok, it had ALMOST felt good, and what do you know, i fell.

and now im sitting here at work with my knee in a brace up on a chair next to me awaiting an MRI thursday, to find the extent of the damage, and im considering re-engineering my ski rack into a pair of crutches, as I probably wont be skiing anymore this season. do yourself a favor, get it checked

if you HAVE to ski, take it EASY and consider a brace to prevent lateral movement.
but my advice...give it a couple weeks and GET IT CHECKED OUT

the pain of not skiing for the rest of the year makes the physical pain seem like nothing.....
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RICE!! Rest ICE Compression Elevation. And get thee to a doctor to get it diagnosed!!
Feel better!
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So I don't have to type too much, {my hand gets tired} this is one of the best websites about knee injuries I've seen!
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Stewart- I am no expert on this stuff but it sounds more like a hamstring issue than a knee. You said it is on the back of your knee, I would go get a sports massage and tell them about this pain. It sounds like something I get often and for me it is not stretching my hamstrings enough. Just my thoughts but a massage as worked wonders for me when I have had pain behind my knees.

Good luck
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I have my suspicions that it may be hamstring, but then again it may not be. In some cases, if there is swelling, massage is not indicated. Keep in mind a massage therapist is not licensed to diagnose an injury. Unless you know exactly what it is, nobody is really qualified to tell you what you should do about it.
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One more thing: Sorry to answer in fragments, busy work day today. A few years ago at Whistler, my husband hurt his knee. He went to Whistler Physiotherapy in Market Square. They did some ultra sound, as well as a few others things. He was actually able to get a bit of skiing in afterwards. Could be worth looking into.
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See a Doc. If it is a strain don't rule out alternatives such as Far-Infrared and Top Quality Magnetic Wraps.
I have been using these daily for nearly 3 years to assist with recovery of assorted pulls, strains, and aches in joints and muscles.
The company of choice.... NIKKEN.

Good stuff, fairly priced. It is better than slammin 2-4 Advil a day.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the suggestions.
I'm glad to say that it's not the same problem I had 10 years ago when I chipped the inside of my patella (I think that was what the doctor said I'd done). Basically the back of my kneecap had partially disintegrated and fragments of it caused the cartilage to swell. (not nice)
After your tips I spent most of yesterday with my leg up. Unfortunately today and tomorrow I will be spending around 30 hours in a seated position, then Friday it will be 12 hours in Economy Class to get to Vancouver.
Thinking back to Monday night, I did my usual warm up routine, and didn't exert my self more than usual during the match (for fear of injury before going skiing) but I forgot to warm down afterwards.
It feels a lot better today, more like a tired muscle after exercise. I'll try to be kind to my knees and the muscles around them. If it's still sore on Saturday, I'll call in to Whistler Physiotherapy.
I guess it's one of the problems of not being fit enough!

Thanks again, and a free drink to all of you who replied - either in the Longhorn Saloon next week, or else Messer Maguires in Dublin the next time you're in Ireland!
[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Want to rid yourself of that knee pain for good and earn money at the same time?

Just get in touch.

DB (Proprietor)
Shortcut Amputations Ltd
"no job too small, no previous experience required, all credit cards or good quality ski's accepted as payment"

PS Have fun in Whistler
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DangerousBrian:

Want to rid yourself of that knee pain for good and earn money at the same time?

Just get in touch.

DB (Proprietor)
Shortcut Amputations Ltd
"no job too small, no previous experience required, all credit cards or good quality ski's accepted as payment"

PS Have fun in Whistler

Yeah didn't SCSA have some work done by that guy?

It was no BIG deal, I think he said it was a ForeSkin problem.....

Any way ask for Ms. Lizzy Borden, oh she was Mrs. Bobbett before the divorce I heard.
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DB: Hi Everybody
Hi Dr Nick!

Sorry, if I really wanted my knees done properly, I'd just go to some of the paramilitaries in parts of Belfast.
All you need is a wooden chair, some rope, and a couple of breeze blocks. (since they handed in their guns, they've found ingenious uses for everyday objects)
Thanks for the offer, anyway!

Next week's lesson will explain why sugar should be added to make the perfect Molotov cocktail
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Good God!!! Asking a trainer for an online diagnosis of what happened to your knee and how to handle it? Are you sick? Reckless? Don't much care about the most important and most complex joint in your body?

No offense, LM, but neither you nor any other person who isn't a orthopod AND sports medicine AND knee specialist should even attempt to answer this issue.

And Stewart -- please, don't be lazy. Get some real first-hand in-person advice from a qualified MD, please.

[the final part of this was deleted becaue it violated the ES personal attack policy. -AC]
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I was looking for suggestions, not a full diagnosis.
I'm not out for a lawsuit. I, as someone with less knowledge, was asking someone with more knowledge for help and advice. Isn't that what discussion forums are all about?

LM, and others, thanks for your comments. I'll make sure not to ask any questions like this again if it is likely to cause offense.

From an apologetic, ignorant and humble Stewart.
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Well Gonzo, it seems like you neglected to read this thread and this one before you could pass up the opportunity to flame me and everybody else.

If you note my response, I have said that he needs a doctors diagnose before anyone can make suggestions. I even tried to discourage the immediate use of a massage therapist as diagnostician, and stated that although there can be hamstring damage, as Todo suggested, we have absolutely no way of knowing that, especially over the internet.

The standard RICE {Rest Ice Compression Elevation} is the ONLY thing that trainers are permitted to recommend before a person has seen a medical professional.

Ah, but if you had read all that, you would have missed the precious opportunity to belittle my professional knowledge by comparing me to a secretary. In the past, you have made some derogatory comments about the fitness advice I've given to people.

And of course as a lawyer, you are highly qualified to talk about advanced biomechanics and kinesiology, applied anatomy and exercise physiology.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gonzostrike:
...... Please. Give me a break.

I normally only do amputations, but I could fit you in 15:00 next Tuesday.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DangerousBrian:

I normally only do amputations, but I could fit you in 15:00 next Tuesday.


You have to admit DB does have WIT!


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[img]redface.gif[/img] Do you ever wish you hadn't started a thread? I know I wish I hadn't started this one now!
Thanks for all the suggestions, and DB thank you for injecting some humour into the discussion, and making me feel less guilty for bringing up the subject.

Speaking of injecting, if I can just get this hyperdermic full of cortizone in, oh, ah, left a bit, ouch... :

P.S. DB, could you meet me at Heathrow T4 tomorrow afternoon, I think I need a bit of your surgery.
P.P.S. For sale 1 K2 Axis X Pro. Never used, would suit anyone who has visited DB's clinic.
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Homer: Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic

Marge: Well, doh
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stewart:
P.S. DB, could you meet me at Heathrow T4 tomorrow afternoon, I think I need a bit of your surgery.

OK but that's on-call weekend rates plus travel expenses, it will cost ya an arm and a leg.

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hmmm, I guess reading comprehension is not part of an attorney's training. How many times do I have to say that I DO NOT DIAGNOSE OR TREAT INJURIES OVER THE INTERNET!!!

Either you failed to read the other thread or you simply did not understand it.
Is there anyone you actually like, Gonzo?
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I like your straight to the point say what you think type of attitude but some people give advice for nothing in return. Sometimes they maybe guilty of talking too much about skiing or fitness etc because they love what they do. I would suggest people like Bob Barnes and Lisa Marie (and many others here) are this category.

Others give advice only to prove their superiority or for financial gain.


<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ December 06, 2001 11:29 AM: Message edited 1 time, by DangerousBrian ]</font>
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Several posts have been removed from this thread because they were in BLATANT violation of the EpicSki policy of "no personal attacks against other members."

Do not go there again.
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You still do not get it! i have said time and time again that I do not offer treatments! If someone asks about CONDITIONING, I will reply. No I do not consider myself expert, simply because I am constantly learning. Lets see, 29 years in the Fitness industry, which is older than the age of the average trainer { I should not even ADMIT that here! !} But as long as I've fessed up to this, I still teach an average of 22 a week.
And ya know what?
Had the guts to learn to ski in my mid 40s, when most people decide to learn mah jong!
On top of that, I attend a MINIMUM of 5 continuing education, sports medicine updates, each year, which is more than many trainers attend throughout the entire course of their career!

And believe it or not, some people are actually interested in what I might have learned at a conference that is based on sports conditioning.

Also, contrary to what you may think, I do not just junp on the band wagon of the latest fad. I was teaching Pilates based exercises in the 70s, when Jane Fonda was hanging out with Hoh Chi Minh.
And BTW, the squat and lunge variations I recommend do not have a thing to do with Pilates. Pilates is NOT the end all and be all. But it is about alignment, and that alignment should be carried over into other activities. Someone who stands like a total slob most of the time is not going to be very efficient in their movements in any sport!

And out of all the fitness forms that have become popular inthe last 20 years, guess which one has the highest injury rate? TAE BO

OH! I should not have mentioned that here. In the Post Rehab exercise certification program I am currently involved, our instructor says we should NEVER knock Tae Bo, we have the potential to get pretty rich off its participants! {tongue firmly in cheek!}

You know, I noticed in some thread a long time age that you yourself have suffered from quite a few injuries. If your conditioning program was so effective, would this be happening?
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You know, I noticed in some thread a long time age that you yourself have suffered from quite a few injuries. If your conditioning program was so effective, would this be happening?

Yes, the injuries happened despite strength and flexibility training. I am not self-centered enough to have detailed, without request, the complete history of my training and my injuries. If you wish to know my condition in each of my ACL injuries, let me know.

I am an aggressive athlete and risk-taker, and the inevitable result of being aggressive and unafraid of risk, is injury --whether the person in question is well-conditioned or not. My right ACL injury resulted from terrain conditions at our lacrosse practice field. My left ACL injury resulted from my unthinking hyperextension and then femoral/tibial pivoting of my left leg/knee, while playing soccer. My orthopods said that both injuries were a result of the activity and what I did, and not a result of my conditioning or lack thereof.

If I were a slug and merely overexerted beyond my fitness level, I would agree with your implication.
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Man it looks like a missed a good flame war. Im a PT student. Can't diagnose anyone either, but I can make some comments.
First, 29 years teaching, LM???? man she is old! Sorry
Anyways, interesting that you were doing Pilates. Alot of physical therapy is based on that. The balls, wobble boards, all that stuff comes out of PT. Its making its way into the fitness world which is a really good thing. Sounds weird, but some studies have shown that if you do an exercise thats therapy for a specific injury, it may be able to keep you from getting the injury in the first place. But stuff like leg extension machines and others may make you much stronger, but don't always help prevent injuries. More athletic coaches are starting to integrate balance work with there strength training. Injury rates are already starting to drop. Could put some of us out of business!
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